Timeline Tracker

The Timeline Tracker displays a timeline chart for tracking how the contract has progressed through different stages.


Enter the Tracking ID in the Transaction Tracking ID field and click the icon. the timeline chart is displayed as below.

In the above example, the Joint Venture Contract has been created by Lily Daisy, signed by Nancy Grace, and Jim Robert (as signers), signed by Martin Luther as escrow agent. Finally the Joint Venture is formed by Tony Marc.


If you click on each stage of the contract, the details are displayed in a popup as shown below


By: is the name of the user

Date: is the timestamp of the transaction

Hash: displays the hash when the transaction was hashed to blockchain

Status: displays the status of the transaction. It could be Complete or Fail

Files: displays the PDF files that were generated each time the contract was saved


Clicking on the Hash will display the transaction information on blockchain


Clicking on the Files will open the PDF file


Click the button to refresh the details displayed in the popup window

Click the button to close the popup window


You can download the chart in different formats, print the image and view it in full screen.

View Full screen- will open the chart in full screen mode

Print Chart- will print the chart

Download PNG Image- will downlaod the chart as a PNG image

Download JPEG image-will downlaod the chart as a JPEG image

Download PDF document- will downlaod the chart as a PDF document

Download SVG vector image- will downlaod the chart as a SVG vector image


Clicking on the icon will display a menu as shown below

Refresh- will refresh the gadget

Minimize- will minimize the gadget