PDF Editor

The PDF Editor is used to view the smart contract of type PDF.


If user selects a smart contract of type PDF by using the button and uploads it, the PDF Editor is displayed.

Click the button to go back to the previous page.


Click the button to save the smart contract. After Save, the button is enabled.

Click the button to close the smarrt contract.


Click the to create a new signature to sign the smart contract. A new window opens up.

Add a label for the signature and add the signature in the Signature pad. You can use different colors like Black, Green and Blue to create signatures. Click the button to Save the signature. Click the button to close the popup window.

The signature is created as shown below

Drag the signature to the PDF and drop it to sign it.

Select the signature on the smart contract to delete. The signature is highlighted as shown below

Click button. The signature is deleted from the smart contract.