This article discusses how to create and send a draft through the Campaign Creator in 1to1Real. You can also send letters through the Group Contact Operations menu. This is discussed in relation to Contacts.


Creating a draft

Now that the Campaign has been created, it's time to send the associated Campaign Email which will allow you to judge the effectiveness of the Campaign through the use of 1to1Real's Email Reporting function, based whether or not the recipients of the newsletter you’ve just designed react to this Email message; i.e., whether or not they open it, click on any links contained within it, etc. Follow the steps below to send a Campaign Email.

1. In the Templates Tab of the Campaign Creator, click on the template you want to use to bring up the Dropdown Menu.
 Click 'Create Draft.'

2. This will bring up the Draft Editor. Click 'Save' to save to Drafts. Click Cancel to return to the Template tab without saving to Drafts.


3. Once you have saved a template to Drafts go to the Drafts tab of the Campaign Creator.

4. Click on the Draft to Send, Edit, Preview, or Delete it.


Sending an Email.

1. Once your content is prepared please see the Creating Recipient Lists Article for details on how to construct a recipient list.

2. Prepare your content. Once you are satisfied with your Content click 'Send Draft' from the dropdown menu. Before sending make sure to test send a copy to yourself to check for formatting and copy issues.

3. Copy HTML to Plaintext Alternative

To ensure sendability, click 'Copy HTML to Plaintext Alternative.' This allows people to read your email if they do not have HTML activated. Make sure to copy your links over by hand, as they will be lost when you click 'Copy HTML to Plaintext Alternative'. To go back to editing the HTML version click 'Edit HTML Message.

4. Test sending: Click 'Test Send' in the Send Draft wizard. A Confirmation box is displayed to indicate a successful test.

5. Send: Click 'Send Draft' and click send to send the email to your Recipient List.

Adding Personalization (Variable Data)

Personalizing your emails is easy. Rather than just sending a copy of your email, you may want to address it to your recipients individually.

adding variable data

Below the main word processer window is the Insert Variable Data section.

The Variable Data Category drop-down list shows you what kind of variable data you can insert into your email.

What is variable data? Variable data, or variables, are pieces of text that are dependent on the contact to whom you are sending. For example if you use the variable [First_Name] it will be replaced with the first name of the contact to whom you send.

Under the Property dropdown list you can choose what sort of variable contact data you want to add to your email. The options are: Contact ID, first name, last name, address, city, province/state, country, zip/postal, or company. The Default Value field is what is used if some of the variable data you want to use is missing. For example, you want to send a letter to your database of customers, but addressed to them individually by their first names. If some of your customer records did not contain first names, you would type something like 'Sir or Madam' in the Default Value field.


Once you have chosen a Property and entered a Default Value in the Variable Data section, place your cursor where you want the Variable Data inserted into your email and then simply select the Insert button to add Variable Data that 1to1Real will automatically populate when it sends your emails.

Deleting a Draft

Select the delete option from the dropdown menu of the draft you wish to delete.

Delete Draft1