The Notes gadget in BCERTin features Notebooks and individual Notes. Think of notes as pages in a notebook. A Notebook can have any number of individual notes

Use Notes to easily share internal policies, market data, logins and passwords, history, records, and so on. Create links to the notes to share with the world

Once you have set up the Notebook, you can create Notes. Select the notebook where you want to add your note, and click the “New” button to add a new note

Create a Note

When you want to create a new note, click on button which will take you to the Notes Editor where you can create your own note

BCERTin Editor

The notes editor has many formatting options provided through the integrated CK Editor

For users with the knowledge of HTML, you can work in HTML, by clicking to view the . This is also useful if you want to duplicate the HTML in a template and copy it over to another note, email, campaign, activity, etc

Some useful features:

 Makes the editor go fullscreen

 Insert a link. Highlight some text first then click this link to hide the link behind a title.

 Ordered List, Bullet List, Indent

Linked Contacts

Search and select contacts to link them to this note, and this note will appear on their contact record

View a Note

To view a note, you need to select View option from the drop down list. Refer below

This selection displays the details of the selected note. Refer to the screen shot below

 and buttons will enable you to view the details of the other notes available in the list without exiting the current page. It is possible to Edit and Create Link to this note from the current page

Edit a Note

To edit a note, you need to select Edit option from the drop down list. The Notes editor is displayed where changes can be made to the current note. Edit page looks very similar to the “Create a Note” page except that the information is already displayed.

NOTE: Only the owner of the note can edit the note

Refer to the screen shot below

button allows you to save the changes and button allows you to return back to the previous page without saving any changes

Create a Link

Links allow you to share notes and files. Click on the note you want to share and select Create Link option from the drop down link. Refer below

Click on one of the following:

- this button will close the current window and return to the previous page without creating a link to the note

- this button will create a link and display as shown below

Copy this URL link and then Click button to close this window

Use Case Story

Mr. Smith has decided to create a notebook where he can store all the meeting minutes as notes. Let us see how he does this

1. Click button below Notebooks to display the following window

Smith enters a “Name” for the notebook and leaves the box checked to make the notebook public. He then selects button to save the notebook

2. Now he decides to edit the notebook and clicks button to display the Edit Notebook window as shown below

He decides that no change is required and so clicks button which closes the window

3. Now he decides to add a meeting minutes as note to the notebook. He clicks button to display the notes editor as shown below

He enters the meeting minutes for UI Testing discussion and saves the note in the “Meeting Notes” notebook. Refer below to view the note created for meeting notes notebook

4. Mr. Smith wants to make sure that he has entered all the information in the note, so he clicks on the note which displays a drop down list as shown below

5. He selects View option which displays the notes editor where he is able to view the contents of the note as shown below

6. He makes changes to the note and clicks button to save the changes

7. Now Mr. Smith is happy that there is a place holder for all his meeting minutes