If you want to send an email campaign to a group of contacts this gadget helps you do that. To know about this click on Marketing/Email Campaign option on the dashboard to get to the following page

Two main options are available here

  1. Create a List

To choose the recipients to whom you want to send the email campaign click the  icon to display the following window

Select a location by clicking on one of the links say, you chose Contact Search Results to display the following page

Type in a Name in the text box provided

Select from the drop down list the criteria for the search

Click on button to display the following list. Select the contacts that you want to send this campaign to.

Click on  to get back to the Campaign Manager page as shown below

  1. Create and Send a Campaign

To create a new template, first select an existing template, as shown below you will notice that by default it is on the Templates tab and displays all the existing templates. Select one by clicking on it to display a drop down as shown below 

Click on Click on Create Draft option to display the following option to display the following

Click on the Advanced Editor option on the right hand corner below Plain Text Message and then click on  to display the source of the template. Copy the Source code and then go back to the previous page by clicking  on the button.
Click on  button in the screen below

To display the following page

By default it is on the Source mode in the text area. Paste the copied Source Code in the text area and click on the Standard or Advanced Editor to display the text version of the template. Now replace the content with what you want to have in the new template. Scroll up the page and complete the following

Type in the Template Name
Type in the Sender Name
Type in the Sender Address
Type in the Subject
Type in the Reply-To Name
Type in the Reply-To Address
And do one of the following mentioned below

 - this button will just close the existing page and return to the previous page without making any changes

 - this button will apply the changes to the existing template

 - this button will save the changes and create a new template by that name and return to the previous page where the template will be displayed as part of a list

Please see below for the template that was created through this by clicking on the  button

Click on the template to display a drop down list as shown below

To create a draft of the template that can be sent, select Create a Draft option to displays the Draft Editor where you make the necessary changes and click on  button to display the following page

You will notice that a Draft of template is created. Click on one of the templates to display a drop down as shown below

Select Send Draft to display the following window

Type in the email address to whom you want to send the test email and click on  button it will ask you to confirm the email address again as shown below

You can add more email addresses and Click on  to send a test email to your account and the following is displayed

The message indicates that the mail has been sent successfully. The user needs to verify that the email has been received in the Inbox

To send the email to the user enter the email address in the textbox shown below

And click

The email will be received in the Inbox.