Support Desk

Support Desk provides support to a user through private IM and discussion posts in activity. The user can ask for support from the Support Desk when he has any queries or needs any information.


To access Support Desk the user needs to do the following:


Click on the icon. A menu is displayed as below.

Click Support.  A Contact Support popup window is displayed as below.

In the popup message, the user can type in his query or ask for help from Support Desk. An example is shown below:

Click the button. A Thanks popup is displayed as below.

Use the button to go to the previous screen or button to discard your changes. Click the button.


An activity is created in the user's zone as shown below.

Click on the activity and select View Discussion from the dropdown . The Activity Discussion is displayed. The user can post his questions in the Discussion post by entering in the text field and clicking the button.


The Support Desk contact is automatically added to the activity upon creation.

When the user posts in the Discussion post, the Support Desk will help the user.


The user can communicate with the Support Desk through Private IM also.


Choose Private IM from the hamburger menu. The Private IM is displayed. Under Activities, Support Request activity is displayed

To start a discussion, the user can add a message in the text field and click the button.


The Support Desk will respond to the message from the user.