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What is the Distributed Cloud and “Tokenomics”

What is the Distributed Cloud and “Tokenomics”

The days of being a user or investor in a company that is using old cloud technology are over. With BlockCerts Blockchain Distributed Cloud Platform, and the exciting tools like our (spoiler alert ORBITi “Orbiteye” browser and SearchExplorer), a new world of cloud has begun.

When you’re a BCERT Token Holder, you get internet the way it should be. This means that your internet usage is tailored specifically to your needs, regardless of who you are. This also gives you access to everything on the internet, not just what you can afford.

Every Token Holder in the Community Wins!

The biggest difference between you, as a BlockCerts community token holder, and other people who use technology, is that you are not an outsider. You are part of the group that benefits from the technology’s success. This is different from people who only invest in technology because they do not benefit as much as you do. For the first time, people who use the business (customers and business people) are working together to make decisions that will help everyone.

People who use BlockCerts Web 4.0 to produce profits from the cloud and the people who build the technology are all working together for the benefit of the community of token holders and platform users. This is a socially responsible way to do business.

This is why BlockCerts created the phrase “Cloud Power to The People” based on Trust. Truth. Transparency. This means that the old model, where “greed is good” and profit only benefits the “management” or business owners, is no longer a valid business model.

How BlockCerts created Web 4.0. Digital for Business 4.0

  1. First, everyone gets BCERT Gold Tokens to start when they buy them for their wallets.
  2. The pricing of the platform is set to USD for subscribers but is discounted for international regions.
  3. You can easily transfer Tokens to allow others to use tools, and time storage on the BlockCerts platform for all accounts. This is done with INK.
  4. You can save money on BlockCerts technology by not using it when you’re not around. If you don’t need to use it, you can put it into “savings mode” and save money.
  5. As a holder of BCERT Tokens, you can do many things with your BlockCerts platform. This platform will help you use the software, data, and storage in a better way than if you used a centralized company. That is one of the major advantages of using the BlockCerts Blockchain.

You can now easily select the initial BCERT Token packages. You can then modify them any way you need. This includes selling or trading your time through INK or your Tokens! If Tokens or INK go up in value, you benefit more.

How can I get BCERT Tokens?

You can start using our BCERT Token Cart by credit card, PayPal, or even crypto. We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our platform is based on the US Dollar. If you qualify, based on your country of residence, the price of the platform is adjusted to your country and region.

Where Do I Get My BCERTin Wallet called Pilot?

You can download your BCERTin Wallet from this link for your desktop computer.


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