ORBITi goes beyond browser privacy - it's your gateway to collaborate in your own private web, with revolutionary new tools to master your digital universe.

BlockCertsAI Wallet

BCERTin Wallet

The Unthinkable is possible with BlockCertsAI Wallet

As your goals change, you can exchange BCERTin for BCERT tokens anytime with our built in SWAP bridge. Use the tools, trade your tokens, pay, transactions and more with ease.

The Gateway to Your Secure Virtual Space Download your Wallet and Get Your Private Key

Download Wallet
The BlockCertsAI Wallet is a simple download for desktops securing your:
  • Private Key
  • VaultCERTin storage and transactions
  • Private Web Collaboration dApps
BlockCertsAI Wallet comes packed with a set of amazing apps powered by tokens to manage your life & business & with unlimited cloud access (to save thousands).
Protect your identity, minimize risks, and tracking
Stop data breaches and losses that have become all too common
Access super apps for home or to scale a global business

Enter the ORBITi Web 4.0 platform to search and browse in private. Then securely enter your Private Cloud through your BlockCertsAI Wallet to access one-click super app tools.

And keep everything that’s important to your personal life and your business private!