BlockCerts® ️is a Registered Trademark protected by law. You may use BlockCerts®️ or BlockCertsAI®️ under these guidelines.

This policy outlines the guidelines for using and protecting the BlockCerts®️ brand, including its name, logo, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property on all web and social media platforms. Following these guidelines ensures consistent and authorized representation of BlockCerts across all online channels.

2. Objectives

Our objectives are to:

  • Maintain the integrity and reputation of the BlockCerts brand.
  • Ensure accurate and consistent messaging about BlockCerts and its offerings.
  • Prevent unauthorized use of the BlockCerts brand.
  • Comply with applicable trademark and intellectual property laws.


3. Permitted Use

3.1 Logos and Trademarks

  • Only use approved BlockCerts logos and trademarks obtained from the Brand Guidelines or official sources.
  • Do not modify or create variations of the logos or trademarks.
  • Always provide clear attribution when using logos or trademarks, stating "BlockCerts" alongside the logo.


3.2 Textual Usage

  • Capitalize "BlockCerts" when used as a noun or adjective.
  • Use accurate and approved messaging about BlockCerts and its offerings.
  • Do not make misleading or false statements about BlockCerts or its products/services.


3.3 Linking and Referencing


4. Prohibited Use

4.1 Logos and Trademarks

  • Do not use the BlockCerts logo or trademarks without prior written permission.
  • Do not use the logo or trademarks in a way that suggests endorsement or affiliation without express consent.
  • Do not use the logo or trademarks in a derogatory or disparaging manner.


4.2 Textual Usage

  • Do not use the term "BlockCerts" or variations in a way that infringes on its trademark rights.
  • Do not make claims or endorsements about BlockCerts without prior authorization.
  • Do not associate BlockCerts with any illegal or harmful activities.


5. Disclaimer

This policy is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible uses of the BlockCerts brand. If you have any questions or uncertainties about permissible use, please contact the BlockCerts team at [email protected] for clarification.


6. Consequences of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with this policy may result in various actions, including:

  • Request for removal of unauthorized content.
  • Reporting of trademark, copyright, or patent infringement.
  • Termination of partnerships or collaborations.

We encourage everyone to adhere to this policy and support the responsible representation of the BlockCerts brand online.