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Abacus Life Settlements and BlockCerts Blockchain Partner to Lead the Next Generation in Life Insurance Technology

Benjamin Franklin became the founding father of the insurance industry in 1752, for Insurance of houses by loss of fire. Just like 270 years ago, paperwork and face-to-face processes still prevail in the industry. Until recently, there were too many disconnected technologies to make significant changes within the industry.

Canadian Trade Ministry Selects BlockCerts Blockchain for Canadian Capabilities Publication and Singapore Fintech Festival Showcase and Beyond

SINGAPORE/VICTORIA, BC - Canadian Trade Ministry highlights BlockCerts Blockchain and top Canadian tech companies with Asian trade ministers, at the Singapore Fintech Festival, and future functions.

BlockCerts Blockchain Chosen by Analytics Insight as one of the Top 10 Innovative Blockchain Companies Globally

MUMBIA,INDIA/VICTORIA, BC – Revolutionizing the Blockchain Industry with Extraordinary Cloud Solutions. BlockCerts is the only authenticated block blockchain with patented secure virtual space technology. BlockCerts transforms traditional cloud and SaaS into truly go-digital cloud along with features like speed and agility.

Exchange and Token Expert Christof Waton Joins BlockCerts

As a part of the BlockCerts growth and listing on future token exchanges, Daniele Mensi, President of FusionSTX hired Christof Waton to join the BlockCerts team. Christof has an extensive background in marketing and most recently was with the ExMarkets Exchange

CoinStruction Joining Forces with

The partnership will tie Fintech solutions together with a smart-contract-as-a-service platform and patented KYC onboarding and transaction compliance. The relationship will provide revolutionary new offerings to Fintech and expand blockchain adoption into mainstream business. Read more in Medium…

ExMarkets Lists BCERT Token. Now in Pre-Trading Status

On 4-20-2020 BlockCerts was listed on the ExMarkets Exchange as a “Pre-Trading Token under the symbol: BCERT/USDT. The initial Bid of $.90 and $1.00 Ask.

Our Data DNA: Inside The Black Box Of Big Profits, Privacy, Fines And Freedom

From the moment we first are conceived, our DNA is formed from the factors of our mother and father. So too it is with our digital data DNA. At the moment of our first nascent touch of a connected digital device, we begin to shape our data DNA. Perhaps that is why it is so concerning to all of us when we discover Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon have so much power over our digital lives.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2019 Live Feed

Blockcerts CEO, Tim Vasko, is at the Canadian Pavillion speaking on Blockchain Solutions for Fintech Companies.

BlockCerts Blockchain Integrates Refinitiv’s World-Check into KYC Solution

BlockCerts Patented KYC Blockchain Authentication adds Sanctions/AML screening powered by Refinitiv’s World-Check Offering. BlockCerts Integrates World-Check’s Best-in-Class Sanctions/AML Check for its Clients.

Singapore Fintech Festival Nov 11-15

Tim Vasko will be speaking at the Canadian Export Challenge. This 1-Day Global Accelerator is a big event in person. Last year had over 150,000 Entrepreneurs from around the world tune-into the global broadcast!