Secure Ecommerce Solutions backed by powerful applicationns

It’s hard to compare something with what doesn’t exist. There just wasn’t a compliant solution to commerce and banking – until now.

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We’re on a Mission to Disrupt the Past & Get Back to Business Like Never Before

Disruption #1 – Patented Secure Virtual Spaces

The First Fully Integrated Commerce and Business Solution improves services and lowers risks (and saves thousands)

  • Secured & authenticated merchants & clients – lowers risks
  • Patented compliance & age verification never before available
  • Reduce or eliminate chargebacks that hurt your business
  • Protect data to minimize your exposure

Disruption #2 – Fully Integrated Shopping and Commerce with Business Front and Back Office.

CBD, In US and Abroad finally has a full solution to empower merchant & clients

Agriculture – Whether it’s rice, power greens or soy, track supply and integrate new payment solutions

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The SaaS Market Is Expected to Gouge Businesses For $220B In Fees, But You Don’t Have to Be One of Them.

Disruption #3: No More Per Transaction Fees or Monthly Use-it-or-Lose-It Costs (Save $3,000 or more)

Take the shopping cart & merchant challenge and see how much you’ll save here alone. You’ll be surprised!

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A Powerhouse Merchant Platform, Enabled by Distributed Ledger Technology, Expands Businesses

Start an On-line Presence & Use for In-store Credit Cards

  • Accept Credit Cards and Tie to On-Line
  • API to connect to your POS
  • In-Store Kiosks or Use Your Own

Disruption #4 – A Shopping Cart for My Dispensary?

Authenticate ID & Verify Age for on-line & In-Store Compliance. Show products on-line and order for delivery. Integrate store through API for payments using credit cards processed by BlockCERTs Digital Bank.

Increase revenues by as much as 25% or more over cash only payments.

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Disruption #5 – Be in Control vs Risk of Shut Down

We’re the Digital Bank, so we remove the risk of being shut down by your merchant provider and by credit cards. Lower your risk to keep your business accelerating smoothly.

Never Risk Compliance and Age Verification Again!

Disruption #6 – Patented IDCERTin is Revolutionary for Cannabis. And it’s a free Shopping Cart Plug-In!

Not of Age – No Access & No Service

IDCERTin - a quick 3-step verification to upload a driver’s license, selfie and other ID to verify age & other information to meet all jurisdictional needs & lower business risks.

Once a person is verified, they receive a private key & QR code for future orders.

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Offering New Merchant Solution Can Increase Sales by 25% or more and…

Disruption #4 – Credit Cards increase sales. No Per Transaction Fees Save You Money

Add multiple shopping carts for free. Show On-line Products that can be ordered and picked-up in the store, delivered and paid at the door (where legal) to expand sales and your offering.

Retailers are getting creative with our shopping carts for new solutions to Covid-19 and Beyond.

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We’re Powering a New Business - Yours

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New Smart Cart solutions with age verification, compliance reporting, lowered chargeback risks, no transaction fees and the WorkCERTin software suite integration.

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