Testimonials from our users

“WorkCERTin is like the swiss army knife of apps.

It saved me thousands over what I used to do. Putting my business on the blockchain so easily was a no-brainer!”

Daniel Montano

Daniel Montano
Founder, Denver Film & Video

“With WorkCERTin I can now collaborate, post, review and protect every client’s info in their own private channel.

It’s a great service for our clients and an amazing organization tool!”

Jared Quintana

Jared Quintana
Creative Director, Elevation Creation

“BlockCerts is the most forward thinking company I’ve met.

Their business tool helps me manage my business and their NFT program is helping me launch a new business.”

Michael Hummel

Michael Hummel
Founder, SuperCar Driven

“Very Exciting, we made the first client encrypted video call from everyone’s wallets! Crystal clear from the Philippines, San Diego and the Southern U.S.”

Tiffany Johnston

Tiffany Johnston
, BlockCerts

“Finally, a real web 3.0 wallet that does something other than hold Crypto.

A powerful, evolving tool designed to manage every aspect of my digital life as I begin the transition to my private BlockCerts Blockchain cloud. Thanks, Tim.”

Alan Hassall

Alan Hassall
Captain FedEx, Retired

“VIP Bets is utilizing BlockCerts Secure platform with their IDCERTin . - Integrated KYC/AML onboarding process to bring on new players and bettors onto our platform…giving it ease of transactions and transparency to all who are involved.”

Jay Cowles

Jay Cowles

“BlockCerts shares the vision for trust solutions, to be change enablers and reengineering business models in the life after the Covid-19 era.

I look forward to integrating our incubator program in Mauritius to discover new ways to expand opportunities for businesses.”

Dhaneshwar Damry

Dhaneshwar Damry
Ebene, Mauritius

“Enterprise solution on the blockchain, brought by an experienced entrepreneur!”

Christof Waton

Christof Waton, Founder, ADA Finance, Vilnius, Lithuania

“BlockCerts has tied everything together to offer one secure solution for eHealth, With BlockCerts private keys, each key can have different access to various levels of information.

A patient and physician can have one access where a care-provide can access a different level.”

Dr. Zeid Mohamedali

Dr. Zeid Mohamedali, Vancouver, B.C

"Blockchain holds big benefits and BlockCerts already has major applications for users today.

As a banker, with one of the largest banks in India, I’ve seen the inefficiencies in financial, banking and business practices. That’s why I joined BlockCerts.”

Sanjay R

Sanjay R,
HDB Finance, Mumbai, India