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The BlockCerts Private Cloud is Disrupting a $2 Trillion Market Creating “Cloud Power to the People”

Join our growth, as we usher-in a technology renaissance with Choice™, the first authenticated block blockchain, patented “Secure Virtual Spaces”, No-Seat Fees and One-Click work.

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A new business model where token holders become stakeholders in the company creating and benefiting from the value in the company: “Cloud Power to the People” .

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The BCERTin and BCERT Paired Token provides True Value Cloud Utility – Assets You Own & Control.

BCERTin tokens can be used in a wide number of SaaS applications creating token holder value for everyone, including rewards. The BCERT Token is the paired trading token for DeFi, Liquidity Pools and future trading.

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The BCERTin and BCERT Paired Token

BlockCerts Live On Uniswap


BlockCerts Live On Uniswap

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AgTech Selects BlockCerts


AgTech Selects BlockCerts

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Global Affairs Canada Chooses BlockCerts


Global Affairs Canada Chooses BlockCerts


Message from the Founder

Our Mission is to make trusted collaboration accessible to any organization through transformative solutions.

With 1.9 million development hours and an incredible team, we’re living up to our mission with the introduction of WorkCERTin, VacCERTin and a full suite of solutions in the Choice program for just $99 a year AND businesses retain 9 tokens creating a real asset for their company.

The public token listing on Uniswap is just the beginning…

Version 2.0 – What’s
Unique About BlockCerts®


BlockCerts 2.0 created the first “authenticated block blockchain” ushering in true web 4.0 only accessible by private keys combined with a growing full stack of transformational applications to propel businesses.


  • BCERTin™ the first token to power real utility with Choice™ to eliminate siloed software
  • IDCERTin™ Authenticate, ensure, track and transform your business
  • WorkCERTin™ a fully integrated power suite to secure data, expand productivity & eliminate costs

BlockCerts® Geographical Growth Map

Include Nodes on 6 Continents with Use Cases Accelerating Business

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Consulting Company Predictions on Blockchain

“$27 Billion in Savings for Financial Institutions by 2030”.

“The business value-add of blockchain will grow to slightly more than $176 billion by 2025, and then it will exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030”.

“The question for executives is no longer, "Will blockchain work?" but, "How can we make blockchain work for us?"

“Tech hubs forging new paths to outpace the competition”

“As the Internet transformed and commoditized how society communicates, blockchain will transform and commoditize how society agrees, trusts, and transacts”

What Companies are Saying

The New Technology of Trust

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In Blockchain We Trust

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Embrace Blockchain Technology

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What Leaders are Saying About Blockchain

“Blockchain is a technological tour de force.”

- Bill Gates

“The biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade.”

- Bob Grifeld, CEO NASDAQ

“Blockchain will have a huge impact on the technology sector, hailing it as…the next major IT revolution that is about to happen”

- Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder

“Trust is the new currency, blockchain will enable that trust.”

- Tim Vasko, Founder BlockCerts Blockchain