Get on the Blockchain Now and
Save Over Your Current Software Tools


Get on the Blockchain Now and Save Over Your Current Software Tools

What if You Could Protect and Empower Your Business While Saving Money?

  • Consolidate multiple software into one place
  • Empower your business with collaboration tools
  • Implement Smart Contracts to expand business

Get on the Blockchain and see your business take-off!

Technology silos are about as productive as a rotary phone

Solving Pain for Business - StartUp - CoWorking

Archaic Processes, Tracking, Inefficiencies & Middle-Man Roadblocks

The ‘Solution’ Paradox

Traditional tool cost rises as functions added + Staff = increasing seat fee charges + more silos of data + higher operating cost + less efficiency.

  • Documents and files are in different silos
  • Business data is exposed
  • The full solution isn’t integrated into anything
  • No customer integration
  • Dropbox™ is $199 per employee
  • Docusign™ is $480 per employee
  • Slack™ is $89 per employee

STOP PAYING SEAT FEES! That’s $768 per employee, per year – a recurring cost before even paying for your CRM!

The Solution

Blockchain in a Box – A Suite of applications powered on the blockchain!

  • App download for each team member, and for customers too
  • Authentication and Identity Protection with every transaction
  • Simple Smart Contracts accessible to all parties of contracts

Now own your application for what you’d pay for a month of seat fees.

Now Empower and Secure Your Business with a Simple Download

Get Started with BCERTin Blockchain in a Box

  • Smart Contract Suite will change your business forever
  • Unlimited storage for pictures, files and documents
  • Document sharing with team members, clients and others
  • Instant message with blockchain security
  • Automate payments, events and transactions to insure that what you expect is what you deliver.

Now Benefit from new SaaS tools added to your solution.

Optimize Your Business Ecosystem with Immutable Trust

Every second a new transaction occurs in business, which provides an exchange of value for employees, customers, partners, suppliers, shippers and others. Value can be described as money, goods, services, data and more. Every exchange of value is “a transaction”. Data breaches and hacked data is up over 20x in the last 5 years, with companies now paying big fines for exposing customer data.

How do we improve security, speed of transactions and limit exposures to fines and lawsuits, while delivering the value that others expect? – through the Blockchain

Encrypted Immutable Transactions on the BlockCerts Blockchain

Every BCERTin Transaction Secures Your Business

When a transaction occurs, and each of the parties agree to the details, information is encoded into a block of digital data.

Each block is then connected to the block behind it and the block ahead of it, which creates an irreversible, immutable “chain”.

These blocks are chained to each other, which prevents any one block from being altered or another block from being inserted between two existing blocks.

Move from pdf Files Stored to Collect Dust, To Transaction Streaming Ready For Action.

The transaction starts with collaboration and doesn’t end after a signature.

All parties are connected by their private key creating ‘immutable trust’ and with secure tools to engage and interact. The Contract Vault protects files, images and detail points.

Automation creates deal-point reminders, payments and more.

Keep your team in connection with your commitments, build strong relationships with customers, spark collaboration and satisfaction throughout your entire business.

Securely. Simplifying. Actions.

Learn about Smart Contracts

Everyone Who’s Party to a Transaction is Involved

All Parties View, Collaborate and Communicate to Move Your Business Forward

BCERTin provides a dashboard to collaborate, document, track changes and solidify transactions, simple to complex. Unlimited file storage and sharing, attach pictures and files to contracts and documents. Schedule future check-in events on a contract, milestones, commitment reviews and even automated payments.

Forget about the wasted time spent on emails and phone call follow-up, your tracking tells you exactly where you are. Refer back to collaborative changes, pull-up log of events, quickly find deal points to a contract. No more digging in file folders to recall a detail point or to realize you’ve missed something.

Now manage your business from anyplace, anytime, with a smart phone or desktop!

Simple Pricing and Value You Own vs Seat Fees Paid Forever

A New Paradigm Shift Lowering Costs and Creating a Valuable Asset

Basic Individual Business Owner

For just $500 you’ll stop renting, stop paying big monthly and annual fees, and save money in your first year

Plus Small Business Owner

If you have 3 to 10 employees, this is the place to start. You’ll save $2,000 to $7,000 this year and every year.

Pro Mid-Level Business

If you have 10 or more employees you’ll save $4,000 or more this year, right to the bottom-line. Next year even more since you’re an owner, not a seat fee renter anymore

Your BCERTin Asset has real value

  • Each package comes with valuable tokens to run your business
  • Tokens are regenerative, when not in use.
  • Tokens have real value, starting at $1 per token at the Launch
  • Provide a token to customers for account collaboration, a steal at $1.
  • Unused tokens can be rented for Ink (think AirBnB)
  • Unused tokens can be sold based on market value (I wish I had a Bitcoin at inception right?).

BCERTin - Blockchain in a Box

Now you don’t have to be a big business to afford the benefits of the BlockCerts blockchain.

You’ve now leveled the playing field with big businesses!

You’ve now lowered your monthly and annual expenditures on SaaS seat fees. A good day for your business.

BCERTS enables savvy business owners like you to utilize advanced business processing systems and the blockchain – without long development cycles – to adapt your business model with the power of the blockchain.

All it takes is a click of a button to get started now!

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