Smart Contracts Are Always in Motion - 
Working for Your Business

What if You Could Implement One Change that Would:

  • Protect and Secure Your Business
  • Get Time-back and Spark Collaboration
  • Reduce Costs that go Straight to Your Bottom Line

Now run an efficient business, stimulate productivity, and catapult your results!

The Top 15 Problems with PDF eSign Contracts

Cumbersome, clunky and outdated.

  1. Time-consuming to negotiate and execute.
  2. App Seat Fees are an outrageous ongoing expense.
  3. No real storage repository for all contract parties.
  4. No version control.
  5. No tracking of contract stages.
  6. No automation of performance – terms.
  7. Enormous time wasted with back-and-forth emails & calls.
  8. Signatures are not authenticated & open to future legal issues.
  9. No lifecycle tracking of contract communications and events leaving traditional PDF contracts open to legal disputes.
  10. Filed-away to be forgotten vs deployed.
  11. High exposure to hacking of centralized data, emails and communications.
  12. Everyone is in the dark, limited exposure to accelerate business.
  13. No automation for events in contract.
  14. No payment mechanism according to contract terms.
  15. No way to connect files or documents to a contract.

Smart Contract as a Service (SCaaS) Makes Contracts Dynamic

BCERTin Smart contracts run a smarter business because they’re always in secure motion.

The Smart Contract Ecosystem connects all parties through a personal key (KYC) with secure tools to engage and interact. The Contract Vault™ protects files, images and detail points to insure only those with a personal key have access. Automation creates deal-point reminders, payments and more!

  • Collaborate contract details on your dashboard to eliminate the lost hours spent on back and forth emails, pdfs and phone calls.
  • Create action steps with notifiers to follow-through on contractual commitments and improve client satisfaction.
  • Set conditions and generate automated payments!

Get on the Blockchain!

It’s Like Gaining a New Concierge Staff to – Run the Details of Your Business!

  • Set reminders for when it’s time to take other actions.
  • Engage team members and clients with automated triggers, events and through an all-in-one communication platform.
  • All details at your fingertips – Never waste time again digging through paper files or looking for lost PDF contracts.
  • Attach files in a contract, share files with team.

Get Started Now!

BlockCerts Blockchain embeds KYC + Contract Authentication Streaming in every transaction … BCERTin Solution

Authentication “KYC” is the foundation Smart Contracts… Immutable authentication embedded for every person, every transaction, every asset – for everyone’s sake.

  • Each individual is provided their own Private Key.
  • Multi-step Authentication to insure every person is who they say they are.
  • Only those who are a party to a contract or authorized to see a file can access it.
  • Ability to block screen captures & forwarding to protect assets

1. Authenticate with a Private Key

2. Tokenized Transaction Trail

SCaaS Authenticated Streaming Transactions

Authenticate, automate, track and log every transaction – ensuring your most critical assets are procedures are complete and secure:

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Employees & Contractors
  • Assets
  • Supply Chains

BlockCerts – Stored, Transparent, Immutable

  • Remove cost of fraud
  • Ensure compliance
  • Lowers overhead
  • Eliminate productivity barriers
  • Great for H.R. and automating the new hire on-boarding process

4. Collaborate, Communicate, Automate

Blockchain Enabled Security  
Individual Authentication – KYC        
Set Autopayment Actions  partial    n/a  m/a
Contract Trigger Events      n/a  n/a
Dashboard Tracking      n/a  n/a
Template Contracts      n/a  n/a
Custom Smart Contracts      n/a  n/a
Ability to Sell Asset/Appreciation        
File Storage  No Limit  n/a  n/a  1,000 GB  n/a
Secure I.M.Communications        
Annual Per Employee Cost  $0.99  **$480  $299  **$199  **$96
*Estimated, pay-as-you-go  $4.99        
**Total Per Employee Cost Savings  $780.00        

Save Thousands over Archaic SaaS Software and own a piece of the blockchain!

The average business spends $780 per employee annually on these individual siloed services (without blockchain security).

Stop Renting and Own an Asset with Utility Tokens!

  • Tokens Regenerate – Use Over and Over Again
  • Small annual fee per employee (.99 cents!)
  • Collaboration with clients
  • Tokens have real business value & the opportunity for asset appreciation: sell, trade, rent

Your full toolset to secure, collaborate and automate your business while saving money over inferior, unsecured services which charge seat fees.

  • KYC Authentication
  • Secure Collaboration with Multiple Parties
  • Unlimited File Storage and Sharing
  • On-line Multi-party Signatures with Dashboard View
  • Automated Actions and Payments

Activate, Automate, Accelerate

Take Me to Pricing

Secure and Automate Your Business

  • The Smart Contract takes the entire process from start to finish
  • Puts Contracts into dynamic motion
  • Authenticates every user and signer
  • Lets the conversation flow, building a relationship from start to finish
  • Eliminates emails, lost or hard to find documents, that have no tracking of communications and events

Built for Business

  • Use Smart Contract Templates to engage, automate, receive payments track to blockchain
    • Eliminate legal questions
    • Automate and streamline H.R., new hire process.
    • Own software as a business “asset” rather than wasting money on rental seat fees. Only pay for what is used
    • BCERT Tokens become a bankable asset of the business

Built for Customers

  • B2C – Customers use Smart Contract Templates to manage insurance, health, life’s key details
    • Track important contract details
    • Track costs and payments
    • Hold key contracts “accountable” for their commitments and costs
      • Leads to “centralized companies” who must provide for services, advertise and keep costs competitive rather than relying on my inability to “bid” each year for services

Smart Contracts Run a Smart Business

  • The Smart contract takes the entire process from start to finish
  • Puts details into a path of motion
  • Records critical information in a secure, encrypted hash on the blockchain
  • And lets the conversation flow, building a relationship from start to finish
  • Recorded and stored and can be easily searched and found – forever on the blockchain with 100% certainty
  • Things happen automatically – with assurance so everyone can BCERTin about who did what, when and how it was delivered