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Our partners work closely with our development team to collaborate on the right blockchain solutions to meet your needs.

Our Founding Channel Partners

Our founding Channel Partners believed in us from the beginning. We’d like to acknowledge their commitment and entrepreneurship in supporting our efforts.

Renato Lebron

Copaeous Inc. Channel Partner – Veteran of the Culinary and Liquor Industry in Nevada and California


Rick Golden

Copaeous Inc.
Channel Partner – Veteran of Real Estate brokerage, development and investment in Nevada, New Mexico and California

Mitchell Posin​

Copaeous Inc.
Channel Partner – 
Expert in Administrative Law and Business Litigation


Dr. Zeid

eHealth Global    BlockCerts Emerging Health Care Models and Technology 



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Our partners are integrated with our team to excel and provide opportunities with the first blockchain business solutions.

No white papers, no waiting, engagements and rapid deployments today. That equates to satisfied clients and growth for your business.

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We’ve vetted the best entrepreneurial tech and blockchain partners in the World to support our business- and to accelerate yours.

View our partner list by country below as well as by Industry Category.

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