Creating a Web 4.0 Movement Fueling Trust in Business

The web is under new management – You. BlockCerts sparked a New User Movement with Web 4.0 for “Trust, Truth, and Transparency”.

Now everyone can work from anywhere with privacy and protection. User-controlled to stop being tracked by browsers, stream apps in your private cloud, no more handcuffs to costly monthly fees or data exposures.

Every token holder benefits through the growth of the community! Businesses plug into a new authenticated ecosystem with security, tracking, and blockchain tools to catapult results.

BlockCerts embraces collaboration, expanding a chain of innovation that extends across the world.

Tim Vasko, Founder, BlockCerts Blockchain

“It is our mission to become a thriving global community that empowers all people and organizations to collaborate through Blockchain to achieve their purpose, reaching beyond gender, cultural bias, and monetary inequality”, says Vasko.

Tim Vasko is MIT Fintech Certified and Oxford University Blockchain Certified. Vasko is a member of the Canadian Technology Accelerators, Government of Canada, and National Research Council Canada. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Tim and his development team have spent 3 million development hours creating an authentication blockchain application layer and infrastructure to power the smarter businesses of tomorrow.

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Blockchain Now Accessible to Everyone

Simply Brilliant! BlockCerts took the complexity out of blockchain and wrapped its benefits into the BeyonCERTs simple downloadable tools.

You’re now fueled with the tech of the future with authentication, private and public keys, smart contracts, tracking, and streaming software.

  • Great for Individuals, Gig Workers, Contractors, and Small Businesses – Save time, and money, and get back rewards from the community!
  • Mid-Sized Businesses and Enterprises Contact Us About a Use Case

Creating Smarter Businesses

Tailored Use Cases provide a competitive advantage for Mid-size and Enterprise businesses and a new business model for success.

Create new efficiencies, eliminate fraud and risks, real-time tracking of everything, smart contracts that create better outcomes, cost savings, and catapult productivity. Examples:

Open to System Integrators & App Developers

Want to build your application on the first Blockchain for business? Whether you have an application for a specific business, an industry, or for everyone, join the community building on the best application for business.

While Ethereum is pontificating on solutions for authentication, and how to unbuckle high gas fees, the BlockCerts platform was built with business in mind. Help others jump into the Web 4.0 Future today!

Contact Us Today. Get your new solution started now.

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