Imagine a completely NEW level of power driven by unified power tools that put you in control

What could you start from a simple IM message?

IMCERTin Channels are more than simple IM

A simple IM that has enterprise power behind every conversation - when you need it!

Video meetings
File management
eSign documents
Invite team members
Invite anyone
(all they need is a browser)
Encrypted recordings
Engage workflows
Create KanBan management cards
Log everything, every view, every post and protect it on the blockchain

Even chain together chats as your “not so simple” IM ideas morph into powerful discoveries.

Organize your creative self into productive, new never-ending creations.

Because of the power of blockchain and Web 3.0 IMCERTin lets you BCERTin. You’ll NEVER miss a beat, lose a moment, or that creative idea that can morph into more!

Discover it, protect it, expand it

Your time is precious


“You Only Live Once”

IMCERTin makes certain you’ll make the most out of every encounter - you never know where a simple IM thought could take you!

Leave chat behind - Channel your communication and creative energy.

Because with the power of BlockCerts Blockchain Now You Can!

GET Started Free - IMCERTin Built for Your Web 3.0

Live Blockcerts Team

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