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Web 4.0 is like a Box of Legos.... Where Anything Can Be Built.

Web 4.0 is like a Box of Legos.... Where Anything Can Be Built.

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Web 4.0 is Like a Box of Legos - Where Anything Can Be Built

Questioner Comment from a Channel Partner: I'm not a salesman. If I had to earn a living through sales, I'd be living in a cardboard box. Can you give me some feedback on Web 3.0 vs 2.0?

Tim Vasko Answers:

This month, for the very first time, we are moving beyond Web 3.0 and taking all of Web 4.0 live. It is very different than Web 2.0 in a business model and technical format.

What is Web 4.0?

Web 4.0 is the building blocks and context created by users. Web 2.0 was an “application” where companies created the context. So, we took what companies have given us - and we used it.

Web 4.0 is like a box of Legos where anything can be built. You can take those Lego packages and make something completely unique like the city in The Lego Movie, or you could follow the instructions and get exactly what Lego shows you how to build right out of the box.

In Web 2.0 the Big Chief Control Everything

In Web 2.0 there are no Lego options. It’s “take what they give you”. You can only build what they tell you that you can. In addition, you pay for it on their terms - and they get to track you, lock you out, no more access - you can’t play or build anymore if they say so.

In Web 2.0 the big chiefs control everything. They sell your data to the highest bidder. They control your data and then “expose your data” without your knowledge or permission. Over 37 billion data records were exposed by these chiefs just last year in 2021. Everything from your name, email, phone number, address, and more. So essentially, we’ve given up our control of everything to these major companies. How does that make you feel?

Where this is Going – The Future of Web 4.0

BlockCerts has “Connected the Dots” where no other company can come close. We have created a fully operationalization of all of the blocks that work together to make the whole thing work. We’ve had “most” for a while, but several less obvious, critical pieces are just now coming out of R&D and Testing.

Think of what Lego has to do as a business - They first had to invent Lego - Then they had to create brick molds and turn them into plastic - Many years later, Lego has evolved into more than just little bricks- take Lego Land and Robotics as examples.

Like Lego, BlockCerts finished the design, created the molds, and is now providing everything needed to either work straight “out of the box” OR to create a new business model design yourself. It is revolutionary and fuels the real benefit of Blockchain. It marries Apps of the past with out-of-the-box solutions to begin; and then harnesses the power of new tools, with the added bonus of blockchain security.

Question: Would you consider the blocks to be smart contract packages that have specific functions? Do you mix and match to achieve what you want?

Answer: Way more than that - Smart contracts are what all other Blockchain companies have done. We have an entire Web4.0 cloud and functionality that surpasses current software businesses use today. I’m excited because for the first time I’ve seen all the parts functioning together- and it’s amazing! It’s like going from an MP3 player to the iPod to the iPhone! And then going from iTunes Music to the APP Store and then all tied back to the iPad, and Mac and iCloud and Wifi - Apple is a real-world tech example of Lego!

Question: How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy. If you want to get started, just download your free wallet. From there, you will be able to access a full suite of tools (and for a limited time, they are FREE!) Download it here.


Tim Vasko

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