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What Can a Domain Name Do for Your Business?


Enables you to reach your target market


A strong domain name directly speaks to your specific customers by setting more accurate expectations related to what your entire business has to offer.

Maintains your brand ownership


You need to quickly secure your preferred business domain name to avoid the risk of other businesses purchasing it and losing control of your brand.

Builds online presence


Your domain name contributes to your overall branding and reputation - a good reputation, as we all know, builds good customer relationships and creates more sales. Not only does it help you set up a vision for the identity of your business, but it also secures better online visibility.

Increase your website's SEO


There is a myriad of factors that affects a site's ranking on search engines. With a stand-out domain name, it can surely bolster your site's rank and drive more traffic to it.

Move beyond your parent’s Web that is so 1999 and exposed to risks.
Your Web 4.0 Private Cloud awaits...

What Can You Do With DomainCERTin by BlockCerts?

With DomainCERTin, you get the power of an enterprise cloud on the blockchain Private MeetCERTin, Secure IM, Global Collaboration, and a REAL Blockchain Business!


DomainCERTin Benefits
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    Easy to use

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    One-time registration

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    Data protection

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    Better SEO rankings

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    Resistant to censorship

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    Extremely secure to attacks

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    One Identity across all apps and websites

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    Blockchain business verified identity

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    Access to a suite of online tools for team collaboration, online meetings, file management, and more.

New Tools to Master Your Digital Universe

and Collaborate in Your Private Secure Virtual Space!
It’s your new command center

You no longer need individualized Central apps that overcharge you, Zoom bomb you, and expose your data. Forget multiple passwords, and data spread everywhere.

Your All-in-One secure solution to manage life or a global empire is here!

Apps Integrated with DomainCERTin
Tools You Control
ORBITi Browser
Microsoft Software Image
Mac Software Image
MeetCERTin App
google play image
app store image

You Own it!

While your parent’s DNS domains of the late 90’s are still rented (.com, .bix, etc.), your new NFT domain is owned. That will save you money year after year on renewals!

Your domain is registered on the blockchain, protected via your private key, and stored in your BCERTin wallet to secure your domain and protect your brand asset.

Own it Forever
No Renewal Fees
Your Verified Business on the Blockchain

With your DomainCERTin, you mean business! Now anyone can do a domain name search and see that your domain is a verified business.

No more spoofing and look-alike domains that try to take or trick your clients. This is Web 4.0 Territory where there’s no more risky business.

Go Web 4.0! All the tools you'll ever need from the minute you register your Domain - private, secure, and encrypted!

Earn more, do more, and Rule Your World!

Live Blockcerts Team

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