A New Way to Securely Sign Your Documents

You wouldn’t think about signing a new client, employing a new team member and just leaving it there!

Or, buying a new car or house without turning over the keys - would you??

So, why are you still signing documents with email and pdf - thinking the job is done? Try the first Smart Contract that goes beyond eSignatures.


Time to Evolve - Time to Work Smart

SignCERTin is an all-in-one full deal room that is much more than eSignature

video meetings
Video meetings
private chat
Private chat
see different version
See every version
view logs
View logs, no more wondering
date and location stamped
Date and location stamped

Just “signing” is the only beginning!

Stop letting your documents get stuck in caveman days of email and PDF, in some file management system - that’s not connected to the most important point of getting a signature!!

Team Meeting

Get Deals Closed Now

You’re creating new relationships all over the globe.

Imagine this, you have a meeting.

”Let’s Do This!”

Your new client, partnership, and staff member are ready to go.

Don’t make them wait for “an email” and PDF.

Minimize Future Legal Risks

Full Transparency, Intent and Immutable Records

Document Contract
Videos, IM and documents show the full intent of a contract
Signature Stamps
Date, time and location signature stamps become more binding
Channel Partners
All parties in a channel become witnesses to a contract
Smart Contract
Smart Contract calendar updates keep contracts fulfilled
Activity Channel

Activity Channels Power Your Business

Every Client, Every Employee, Every Vendor

With Activity Channels, now every contract has a home.

Quickly find every contract, with all supporting documents to ensure you follow through on your commitments, assign tasks and tie future calendar commitment dates to every contract.

Contracts now become Smart Contracts with Real Power.

Sign Contracts

Just upload, select and GO!

Upload and Sign
Upload and sign Documents
Seal and authenticate signatures
eSEALING the deal! With completely authenticated signatures verified on BlockCerts Blockchain
track from start to delivery
Everything from meeting start to delivery - tracked, signed, sealed and ready to GO!

Most Importantly - You Are Ready to Start eDELIVERING!

eSign immediately, eSeal on BlockCerts blockchain, eDeliver everything

Get “unstuck” from your PDF document - email chase today

multiple program

1/3 of the job “eSign” won’t get you there.
SignCERTin helps you 100% of the Way!!

Get With the Program that lets you do it ALL

SignCERTin - BCERTin - WorkCERTin

eSign - eSealed - eDelivered

Catapult Productivity. Do more - with more confidence and less hassle.

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