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Digital vaccine card verification and QR code pass powered by BlockCerts Blockchain
  • Individuals - Smartphone eliminates vaccine cards.
  • Venues - Lower risks, promote events!
  • Businesses - Protect everyone, minimize risks

Simply Revolutionary!

Massive Venue Entries
The First Solution for
Massive Venue Entries
Quick View Check
Quick View Check
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Transmission for Everyone
Lower Risk of COVID-19
Transmission for Everyone
Lower Company Legal Risks
Lower Company
Legal Risks
Vaccine Cards
Discourage Fraudulent
Vaccine Cards
Quick Smartphone Acces
No More Worn Cards. Quick
Smartphone Access

VacCERTin is a fast and secure way to share digital
details of your vaccination and tests

Step 1

To use VacCERTin, follow IDCERTin simple steps to be verified.
Step 1

Step 2

Register your most recent vaccination and tests
Step 2

A simple app on your smart phone

For everyone to access your vaccine card and test info quickly

  • Always have your information with you
  • No more smudged and frayed cards
  • Quick share for restaurants and venues requiring vaccine cards

Your VacCERTin is stored in your secure BCERTin wallet, only accessible via a private key. QR code for green light. Quick review for keeping on top of your next booster.

Venues, Ticketing, and Businesses

Add a New Benefit to Patrons or Employees and Lower Risks for Everyone
  • Integrate into the ticketing process before or after a ticket is sold.
  • Incent app download to provide a QR Code Green Light for entry.
  • Provide for HR and employees in any business.

Secure, private, proven accuracy eHealth confidence maximized