BlockCerts Blockchain Raises $25 Million in Funding enabling rapid market adoption through use cases and a SmarterOffice™ SaaS blockchain suite


BlockCerts Blockchain is expanding its global market presence and intelligent SMARTEROFFICE™ suite through a $25M investment by The Hillcore Group and Robson Financial Group. The investment will enable the company to further scale its rapid deployment and configurable platform for implementation for businesses, and evolving development via the decentralized mobile and web app developer communities.

BlockCerts, which developed an extensive and “Secure Virtual Space” technology, and the BlockCerts blockchain protocol, delivers swift blockchain deployments, and scalable blockchain smart contract transactions on its proprietary patented platform available today.

“Blockcerts funding will bring the promise and benefit of DAPPs “Distributed Applications” and innovation in how software, data and pricing of computing for businesses is completely transformed with blockchain”, said founder, Tim Vasko.

“Our new funding will immediately deliver live tokenized business uses by forward thinking enterprises who understand the need for long-term decentralized business model transformation. This is possible through our determined focus on making blockchain highly accessible, effective, usable, scalable and our determination to return control and privacy back to the businesses and customers who make up the cloud community,” stated Vasko.

Vasko says, “BlockCerts will help ensure that every transaction is mutually beneficial from the daily business user and customer to large enterprises. And we’re working globally with our trusted developer communities to ensure that this new era of technology and software is innovative and decentralized as we systematically open the tools for development and new ideas to implement our Proof of Stake (POS) Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Authority (POA) consensus model.”

BlockCerts integrated a full suite of secure solutions providing the first true business blockchain solution. BlockCerts resolves the many security issues and “gaps” which existed with e-signature contracts, file sharing and popular SaaS tools. Every business step is now connected to eliminate the silos in transactions and flows. A single BCERT Token empowers a dynamic smart agreement platform from KYC authenticated contacts, private instant messaging, instant file sharing, storage of every version, and transaction hashes along the way to drive BlockCerts Consensus across nodes.

“BlockCerts is well-positioned for long-term prosperity due to its sustained focus on scalability. We looked at their approach toward business transformation, through real world applications, and its profound effect on the function of technology we all use every day in our business transactions and relationships, and saw how needed and important this technology is right now in business” said Jean-Marc Bougie, CEO at Hillcore Group.

“We’re thrilled to be on board as the BlockCerts vision and solution leads blockchain into real world use today, and the evolution of this important technology that Gartner predicts will be a $3.1 Trillion-dollar market by 2030”, said Glen Vause, founder of Robson Financial Group.

BlockCerts Blockchain is transforming businesses by creating secured trust, truth and transparency through its patented KYC authentication, a smart contract streaming solution and a suite of integrated SaaS solutions and its ‘next generation’ distributed ledger technology. We’re passionate about making it simple for more people, businesses and organizations to access blockchain technology to collaborate without silos, complete secure transactions, and make global connections.

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