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The 7 Things You Can Do to Harness the Power of the New Future

The 7 Things You Can Do to Harness the Power of the New Future

7 Things You Can Do to Harness the Power of Your New Digital Future

How the New Web 4.0 Community Gives Power to the People (You)

By: Dan Gay, CMO

Want a roadmap to begin using the tools that are creating the massive shift to decentralization? Want to start accessing those tools right now? And note: many of them are FREE!

We’ve listed the 7 steps you can take to start benefitting from this new global shift with the Web 4.0 tools available right now.

We’ll share how you can take back the control that the giant tech companies have had. Why the community will benefit as a group vs Silicon Valley holding all the rewards. How entrepreneurs, innovative individuals, and businesses will excel in the new economy.

PWD recently published their prediction that Blockchain technology has the potential to boost global gross domestic product (GDP) by US $1.76 trillion over the next decade  (PWC, n.d.). Let’s review how you can be a part of it.

Why Bigger is No Longer Better

Did you know that the richest companies in the world are the 7 largest tech companies? *Their market cap of $6 trillion in value is just slightly less than the top 200 banks. Banks have been around for centuries, while the richest companies in the world are less than 50 years old. * (McKinsey & Company, n.d.)

In other posts, we’ve reviewed the cracks and fissures that these and other big companies are having as decentralized business models have been unfolding. It’s not just big tech we see in the headlines like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Amazon, it’s companies like Yankee Candle’s 13% layoff and Carvana’s 2,500, shows latest article.

The Side Hussle, Freelancers and Gig Workers and Great Resignation

If you’re a millennial, you might already have a side hustle. That is becoming more common with boomers as well. A recent McKinsey Report showed that 36% of the labor force or 58 million American’s identify with being independent workers.

The US and abroad are seeing a whopping uptick in new business license filings. As the U.S. Census Bureau shared, new business licenses were up by over 25% in 2021 at 5.4 million new businesses, up from a record 4.4 million in 2020. 2022 looks to be another new record. 

What’s interesting about the McKinsey Report is that the independent worker was by far more optimistic both about their own futures and the outlook for the economy, than the average American worker.

With new tools never before available, new cost structures, integrated software and the new digital landscape, Blockchain is now taking center stage in the transformation to this new economy where people are starting new businesses and in creating new jobs.

7 Tools to Equip You with the Amazing Benefits of Web 4.0!

Let’s take 20 minutes or so and set up your new business. Or, refuel the one you have, while saving a ton of money and reducing business risks right now!

1). Private Browsing Protection. No Tracking, Phishing Attacks or Spoofs

ORBITi is a no-brainer. It’s free, it’s easy to download, and takes minutes to get started. No longer are you susceptible to the dangers on the exposed web. Watch the video on the learn more page. Thousands of new users a month come to the ORBITi protection. It’s the first start for every individual and every new business to create safety in your search and using the web.

ORBITi offers full control over your data and privacy, letting you choose how and where to store your sensitive information. As the most secure way to connect to the web, ORBITi gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting your data. With real-time monitoring, advanced encryption techniques, and easy-to-use settings.

Download for Free Now!

 2). BCERT Token Membership Fuels Your Future

In the past, companies had to hire a tech team to insulate them from the risks and downfalls of fraud, hackers and bad online characters. Now a new business can access the tools that they need, which have built in protection for them, and without a major cost to get started, while benefitting from rewards of the new BCERT community.

Businesses used to spend thousands on unsecured apps, paying for big monthly seat fees, for endless one-use apps, that layered costs to break a business’ back. BlockCerts created a new community of ownership and access that will fuel the next generation with the BCERT Token.

 The BCERT Token is at the heart of the platform, powering authentication, the Vault, security, and the on-demand tools that a new entrepreneur needs to run their business. The BCERT Token is the enabler, the community token where the rewards return back to the user versus being absorbed by the top Silicon Valley companies.

For about an initial $50, plus $9 a month, a new business is born with everything you need as described below. Video conferencing, eSignatures, IM, file storage and sharing, and more. No longer do you need to pay for costly individual apps that strap your business every month. The average user of Silicon Valley apps spend over $1,500 a year per person accessing exposed apps were data can’t cross from one to the other and they charge you even if you don’t use it.

Now a fresh new approach: Use what you need, when you need it, and only pay for what you use! And benefit from the BCERT token community!

The BCERT Token Community - by using the BCERT Token you’re an active part of the new community of ownership and rewards that used to benefit just big tech. The BCERT Token Community is ushering in a new era of ownership and rewards for people everywhere.

By creating a decentralized network of users, BCERT Tokens provide a secure and transparent platform where everyone can take part in it. This is made possible through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, giving anyone with an internet connection the ability to take part in these experiences.

Get Started Now!

 3). BCERTin Wallet – The Swiss Army Knife for Your New Digital World

The BCERTin Wallet allows secure access across the universe of tools for financial control, file sharing and sending, private collaboration, and communications that only you can access and control. It’s FREE to New Users! Download Now!  

The BCERTin Wallet is the most secure and convenient way to store your personal information. With its built-in encryption technology, you can be sure that your data remains safe from malicious attackers. Not only does it provide complete security, but it also offers a great range of features to help you manage your digital life.

  • Your 64-digit private key insures only you have access to your information. No third-party can gain unauthorized access like other apps!
  • Get Authenticated. Then invite others to collaborate in your secure space. They access only the information you share with them.
  • One-Click Tools – Forget having to open multiple apps, work right from your command center with all of your integrated tools in WorkCERTin.
  • Forget about juggling multiple passwords or worrying about identity theft ever again.
  • Store passwords, files and other information in your “VaultCERTin” account.

Download for FREE today!

4). VaultCERTin – The Key to Controlling Your Identity and Privacy

Keep your future yours though your immutable identity with BlockCerts

Authentication, and the Proof of Authority Work (PoAW) BlockCerts blockchain, is the Key to the new Web 4.0 internet and trustless ecosystem.

Behind every token and every transaction are authenticated users, starting with VaultCERTin.

When you download your BCERTin wallet. Your next step is to create your Vault. Just follow the directions upon download.  Why is this important?

  • Complete the required ID verification. This creates a self-sovereign, trustless ecosystem that eliminates fraud, scams, and theft.
  • Secure all of your confidential data with the most advanced cyber security networks today – based on blockchain.
  • Private Key encryption is a unique code protecting your identity and documents certified by IDCERTin. Your privacy is protected across the internet anywhere on the planet.
  • TrackCERTin – Any changes made to documents across the network are tracked without fail.

See More Information on VaultCERTin >>

 5). Stake Your Digital Name with DomainCERTin

The next step for your personal life and your business is to register your digital domain. It’s easy, it’s only $10, and it last for a lifetime.

What is a Digital Domain? Yahoo! and Google and then Go Daddy and others were URL domain registries. They started with .com naming, .net and others. The problem is that these started in the late 1990’s and there’s been years of time for hackers to figure out how to scam people on their domains with spoofs, phishing and other malicious ways to defraud not only you, but your customers. How do you know if a URL is safe? Should you click on that link?

Domains of yesterday are still rented. You pay an annual or 2-year fee to keep the registry. It’s never really yours, and if your credit card is expired, a domain might be resold to another. Digital domains are NFT digital domains that you “buy”, that secure your DNS naming to you or your brand. It’s yours forever. It’s hashed to the blockchain.

  • The Power Is Now in Your Hands – You Own It.
  • Protect Your Brand - Because your domain is “authenticated”, anyone can copy the domain and paste it into ORBITi to see its authenticity. No one can spoof your domain with a one-digit off domain. Give your clients brand trust that anything you send to them is genuine.
  • Use your new domain as your new domain to build your brand. Point other URL’s to your new domain name. Build a brand that lasts.

Search for Your Domain Now >>


6). WorkCERTin – Your Full Workhorse Work Suite

Everyone needs a WorkCERTin career - business path - your proof and protection for the work you do. Your future of work, life, balance, are certain with WorkCERTin.

WorkCERTin is a must for every Gig worker, Freelancer, Professional Services Business, Entrepreneur, Small Business and even Enterprise. As a baseline, WorkCERTin is secured by the BCERTin wallet, individuals are authenticated to protect your data. This is a departure from all other Centralized Apps. Because you control it with the BCERTin token, you own your data vs the issues with renting with other apps.

Quite simply it catapults productivity, saves times, protects data, minimizes risks and saves thousands in annual costs. You become an owner in the network and benefit from its growth and rewards. For just one token a month ($9), the cost of a couple Starbucks or a postal box, you can totally fuel your new business!

No other Apps have these features:

  • Secured by a Digital Wallet
  • Proof of Authority – Trustless Authentication
  • Blockchain encrypted and tracked
  • An integrated solution suite with one-click work
  • Organization by Activities and Channels you create. Great for customers, vendors, special work groups.
  • MeetCERTin - Encrypted Video Conferencing. No Zoom bombing. Fully integrate with all other tools for a collaboration suite never before available.
  • IMCERTin - Instant Messaging for collaboration and tracking
  • FileCERTin- Encrypted File storage and sharing
  • VaultCERTin - Encrypted Password Storage
  • SignCERTin - eSignature integrated with Video Conferencing, date stamped, time stamped, authenticated signators, supporting IM and files.
  • TeamCERTin - to manage new hires, employees and teams
  • PAYCERTin – Full Merchant Account Integration

See the WorkCERTin Benefits >>

 7). MeetCERTin Video Conferencing with Web 4.0

MeetCERTin - the idea of a meeting is to take your most valuable non-renewable asset "Your Time" and put it into action. Video meetings that turn every engagement into an action channel where you can drive and track from the time on camera to the outcomes you intended.

Our video meeting capabilities make every engagement count, allowing you to track time spent on camera and outcomes achieved in real-time. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily schedule and manage meetings, share documents, and collaborate with colleagues securely.

Why MeetCERTin is Different

  • The only encrypted video conferencing service on the blockchain
  • Record, store, and access recordings on “Activity Channels” you create
  • Invite users to collaborate within a channel to have a full record of meetings, IM’s, files, eSignature Contracts and more. No other conferencing service integrates a “full suite of meeting tools” like WorkCERTin. It’s actually more productive than being in person!

Use MeetCERTin as a standalone service in your BCERTin Wallet, or use the full power of MeetCERTin in the WorkCERTin suite. Once you download ORBITi, you can even try it for free for up to 4 participants, so you have what you need now to start doing business today!

See the Power of MeetCERTin >>


Dan Gay

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