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A Private Web Browser Enters Web 4.0

A Private Web Browser Enters Web 4.0

A Private Browser Enters Web 4.0

Now operate above the Exposed Cloud, beyond private browsers, and away from centralized data exposure and control.

    By Dan Gay, Chief Marketing Officer

Congratulations, your digital freedom has just arrived. It’s your Private Cloud and your Secure Virtual Space. It’s a new world where privacy is a given, productivity is the rule, and rewards are your new right.

The dawn of the promise of blockchain is now upon us. In the past, it was a place for developers (and required one to master a new language). Today, BlockCerts has simplified the process to a few simple downloads to operate free of the hazards of the current internet, and with new tools for home and business.


What is Web 4.0?

Most companies are trying to figure out how to get to Web 3.0. They are stuck in a Web 2.0 world. Many have built their business models on a Web 2.0 Seat Fee Model to keep people chained to monthly fees, which also handcuffs those companies to move forward.

BlockCerts has connected the Dots beyond 3.0, placing our clients in a new universe. Web 4.0 is about privacy, authentication, and enabling new tools to manage your new digital world.

Let’s face it, our world has changed. During and post-Covid, everyone is still coping with how to work digitally. Millions of individuals have left the workplace as Gig Workers, and entrepreneurs and filing for new business licenses.

Working from home is still yielding great productivity for individuals and companies. But how you unify a distributed company and all individuals and activities is an art form; one that Web 4.0 can allow you to master and scale in the new global digital universe.

Web 4.0 is the opportunity to work free of being tracked, free of data being exposed, and free to control your own data. You share who you want to see what. It’s a place controlled by the users, instead of big kingpin central authorities. It’s a place where you have the keys to your identity and data, and do not give up control of what is yours.

In this new world, you protect your identity and yourself from fraud. You’re able to access many new tools with a private key and use those tools whenever you want, instead of paying a monthly fee for a tool that you might only use a few times a month.

It’s a place where companies can manage the “work from home” and in the office employees seamlessly. The Secure Private Space is just like being “in office”, but even better. Everyone with a private key has access to passwords, files, codes, and documents as a part of a central filing system. Activities can be set up to collaborate and be ultra-productive. The solution protects a company’s data, and hierarchies with various levels of private keys can be controlled by the user or company. The new applications are endless!


The “Modern Internet” Turns 39

I can’t believe that I was on the front end of the “modern internet”. I had the great fortune to be at an entrepreneurial company called MCI in the 80s. Our Founder, Bill McGowan, became known as the father of modern telecom, and the monopoly buster for breaking up AT&T. In its place, we brought lowered costs, business email, paging, fax broadcast, and “the modern internet.

Vint Cerf, the co-founder of TCP/IP protocol and “Father of the Internet”, was an MCI executive who forged our internet rollout strategies. Vint’s protocol allowed the predecessor, ARPAnet, to scale beyond the original scientific community. Looking back, I can’t believe I had Vint come to our office and explain to clients how the internet would work for their business.

Sorry to regress, but when you put the internet into perspective that the “Modern Internet” is 39 years old, it does point to the obvious: we need new technologies to keep up with today’s demands. The internet brought an amazing array of solutions that changed our life and business. Over time, the internet and centralized databases have brought unwanted exposure to our privacy and our data.


Web 2.0 Has Become a Dangerous, Costly Place

The internet and the “exposed cloud” have now become a risky place to do just about anything. The ‘kingpins’ track and sell your data, fraudulent actors are rampant, and centralized authorities held all of the control.

  • A new hack happens every 4 seconds.
  • Last year, 37 billion data records were exposed (and there are only 7.96 Billion people on the planet!).
  • 3,500 major companies had data breaches.
  • S. Fraud losses amassed $56 billion dollars.
  • An IBM study stated that the average breach cost to a business is $2.98 Million


In the NFT Space, it was reported via an OpenSea executive’s social media post, that 80% of OpenSea NFT’s were fraudulent. In an OpenSea email this week, they let users know that their email list was compromised, oops, sorry. The Centralized landscape has become a common place for data breaches.

When you search the web, everything you look at, search for…and even, you know, what you’d rather keep private, is tracked. Companies then sell your data to the highest bidder, even to those who don’t have your best interests in mind.

Next, you’re stalked on social media, and Ads hound you on websites. You get mobile calls, direct mail, and malicious attempts to trick you. In Web 2.0 you paid individual SaaS companies for every function and you were handcuffed to pay those fees to access YOUR DATA. The average person pays around $1,100 a year for all of these services!

Web 4.0 will become a welcome relief to just about everyone (except the centralized companies). They enjoy the monthly pay model. Even if you didn’t use DocuSign for one month, you don’t get a refund. When you think about those couple of contracts you sent out, those are quite the expensive documents.


Your Web Freedom, Privacy and Control is Restored

BlockCerts has just released ORBITi, the private browser that goes beyond privacy. ORBITi is  the gateway to your secure virtual space, with revolutionary new tools to master your digital universe

Finally, you get your Freedom back. We are giving you the control that was taken from you. No more tracking, exposed data, spoofs, and phishing attacks. And with your BCERTin Pilot, you can navigate in your private cloud, with revolutionary new tools to master your digital universe.

BlockCerts’ blockchain secures the BCERTin Pilot. Now you can protect passwords, add documents to your Vault, hold encrypted web calls (no Zoom Bombing), store and share private documents, and instant messages.

In addition, you can create ‘activities’ for workgroups, create task tracking, authenticate new employees and vendors, sign a smart contract and even do so within your web call tracked in that channel for the ultimate authentic signature. Every contract becomes your own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and in turn, saves you time and money.


Web 4.0 for Everyone

We know a ‘private’ web search is beneficial to everyone. Manage your home life with the privacy of your own Secure Virtual Space and access all the digital tools you need!

Add important documents, store passwords outside of your phone, hold a family call or a web call with friends. Send a secret text that you want to keep safe. And as always, protect your privacy and stop exposing yourself to fraudulent characters that will do more than just ruin your day.  

Isn’t it time to get started? The ORBITi download is free. The BCERTin pilot access is free. Just buy some BCERT tokens (that you hold, own and receive rebates on) and start using the BCERTin tools.

Operate above the exposed cloud, stay safe…private, protected, and secured.


Check out the video on the Find out more page, then Download ORBITi for free and get started!

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Dan Gay

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