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NFTs are More Than Digital Art

NFTs are More Than Digital Art

Why is an NFT critical for every business? Read on to see why you need to get yours right now.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the new digital registry for certification of authenticity on the blockchain. Since the blockchain is an immutable record, it is a great technology for tracking, viewing and having a secure digital record of ownership. NFTs can track almost anything, especially where a digital asset needs to be distinguished from others to prove its value and scarcity, as well as protect from duplicity.

NFTs can be subdivided, or fractionalized, which means that one authentic asset whether it’s a digital image, an expensive piece of art, a rare coin, an expensive car, or any asset. Now an individual can own a piece of a Picasso. NFTs are great for supply chain management and anything that needs to be tracked or checked for its authenticity. So, you’re still wondering, how can this help my business?

The NFT Gold Rush

Last year there was an NFT Gold Rush. It seemed like any digital design was yielding crazy values - $325,000 for a Bored Ape, sure, I’ll take it. The Beeple’s Everydays NFT sold for $69.3 million, the most expensive NFT ever sold. I think that record is about to fall in early 2023, now that NFTs have many other purposes then digital art (more on that later too). Then early summer of 2022 the NFT craze hit bottom.

So it goes in the early stages of a gold rush. Speculation, a rush to be first, a buying frenzy without underlying fundamentals, and then the bottom falls out. But NFTs are way more important for the future, than the craze that blew up due to speculation. It’s all about the technology.

An NFT Can Create Trust

The underlying fundamental technology of an NFT is incredible. It allows anything that can be “authenticated”, to be tracked, hashed to the blockchain, and mapped to an owner or group of owners. An NFT can be seen via a public key, and only it’s owner or owners have access via a private key.

Think of an NFT like minting or etching a specific number on a one-of-a-kind item that can never be changed. The only change is a transfer of ownership by the owner(s). If that NFT has a “public key”, then anyone that has the public key address can check its authenticity. If it is authentic, you create trust in its existence.

The Future of the Internet and Digital Identity

The internet of the past has been filled with fraud, over $6 Trillion dollars a year, with predictions of over $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Fraudulent characters send emails to others trying to mask as another person’s business – yours. They send a URL or link with just one digit off and hope that no one will notice, spoofing your business.

Web 4.0 is the next internet. An internet where individuals decide who they want to see their data. Where businesses can provide trust and authenticated links that anyone can review before clicking on a link. BlockCerts just introduced the Web 4.0 with ORBITi Private Browser and the BCERTin Wallet where you create your private web through a quick authentication process.

How can we take this one step further for businesses? Through the NFTCERTin technology powered by IDCERTin authentication and the BlockCerts Blockchain.

An NFT for Every Business

What if you could have an NFT that creates trust in your business, build your brand, and give you a digital identity that represents you everywhere around the globe? How valuable would that be for your business?

What if anyone could check your link(s), and your website, to make sure that it isn’t a spoofing link trying to defraud someone? If that link was verified on the blockchain, that would create trust in your link, right? What if you had one new NFT digital brand name that you owned, that you could use on all of your websites, communications and in the digital universe?

For just the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, you can make that a reality. One name that represents your business everywhere on the web through an NFT domain registry. It’s not the DNS registry of the past where you have to pay annually. It’s a Digital Domain that you Own forever.  

Your Digital NFT Domain is a Powerful Brand

With your new NFT domain, you can point your website to the domain, and use it in your marketing, communications, and more. Because it is authenticated and anyone can check its authenticity, you build “trust” in your brand.

Since your domain is immutable and hashed to the blockchain, it becomes a permanent record that secures your business name and brand.

How do you get your domain brand?

Join us on Friday’s World from Here, October 14th. We will be announcing this next revolution in NFTs, blockchain and digital naming, and how to get your brand registered. Go to the following link and click Subscribe and click on the YouTube bell to be notified.


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