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Human Resources Use Case in Construction – Automate-Automate

Human Resources Use Case in Construction – Automate-Automate

I had a dinner with a CFO of a large construction company. He was mildly interested in the blockchain, thinking it was about security. After exploring his company’s pain points (which weren’t security related), and my feedback on how the blockchain could solve those points, he became enthusiastic about the promise of the blockchain.

The Pain Points in Hiring, Training and Tracking
  • Paperwork is manual, those in the field don’t always have scanners, printers, and coordinating forms finalized is a pain.
  • Copying driver’s licenses, verification of person’s credentials, updating files with new employee information into their software is time consuming.
  • Sending emails with attachments and getting signed returned documents back is a struggle across multiple states.
  • Training, safety education and compliance is hard to track and monitor.
  • Coordinating differing wages for differing states is time consuming.
  • Tracking job costs, monitoring supplies, and managing theft and fraudulent activities.
  • At the corporate level, an eSign service is currently used for many simple contracts. The CFO described his frustration still having to use email and pdfs and follow-up to secure signatures.
  • He had concerns regarding the data breaches that others have had and the fraud that is ever-present in their own industry and company.
How BlockCerts Blockchain Will Streamline His Business
    • Every new employee will be provided a link to download the BCERTin app
    • 3-Step Verification – A driver’s license, trade verification, and bill copy will be required for verification. This will free-up many past hours spent from staff copying driver’s licenses and manual data input.
    • NDA’s and New Hire Paperwork will be uploaded for signature based upon the state. This will eliminate the back-and-forth frustrating tasks on paperwork on everyone involved and save many hours of staff time.
    • Training Documents will be loaded for new employees to review. A new review quiz will be added to reinforce training compliance to limit company exposure.
    • Hiring Managers will be able to review where new employees are in the process, and provide feedback if someone hasn’t taken the expected steps.
    • Posting important company updates via the instant messaging on the app will become a secure means of company communication of important information.
    • Any updated new compliance that the company needs to adhere to will be added to future requirements and a check-off process will ensure that compliance. The company will now have an on-going record to provide to anyone in the case of an audit or employee case.
    • This will eliminate the back-and-forth frustrating tasks on paperwork on everyone involved and save many hours of staff time.TWEET THISIn the past, a field manager would need to call the home office to review files. Now a manager can pull up a file on their computer or phone for quick access.
    • Because construction is a transient industry, once someone left or was terminated, the full file process with more paper and concerns with company protected property was an issue. Now within seconds of departure, on-line access for an employee can be terminated, protecting company documents. Also, the company can choose to select a no-print option, so that documents can’t leave the company.

More to come on this story in the future…


Dan Gay, Chief Marketing Officer