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How to Run a Virtual Business from Anywhere. The New Model of Virtual Work and the Business of the Future

How to Run a Virtual Business from Anywhere. The New Model of Virtual Work and the Business of the Future

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For entrepreneurs, small businesses, teams, mid-sized companies to enterprises. There’s a new way to harness the power of the global workforce in the new digital era.

Save Hours, Days, and Weeks from Travel, while impressing hundreds of C-Suite Execs from your home office. Go around the world without leaving home. Use the latest blockchain technology to leapfrog over the competition and with just a simple download.

We have team members on 5 continents, 17 countries, and that speak 20 languages. We’re able to work seamlessly and productively together. We’re proving how any individual or company can do the same through the Web 4.0 platform infrastructure that BlockCerts Blockchain has created.

Coordinate a full in-person and virtual conference from a desktop or mobile device. Lead others to do the same to catapult everyone's productivity. See how this virtual secret weapon changes everything for business.

From internal collaboration, manager meetings, and All Company Calls, to client engagement and external events, this is the revolutionary blockchain app that has accelerated our company.

I wake up in the morning and while having my first cup of coffee, I see what is transpiring in my business globally, right from my Smartphone. While I was asleep, others around the globe were posting, collaborating, and then updating their work for everyone on this side of the world. It’s a new meaning to 24x7 where you feel connected and collaborate with everyone from around the world. Where Trust is embedded into the platform and into everything that you do.

See how a whiteboard vision in Mauritius 5 years ago is now a reality today from the other side of the world to "Work from Anywhere" shown LIVE.

Today, BlockCerts has made it possible for anyone to download and use this technology with just a single click. You only need one BCERT Token to authenticate any person, place or thing from your secure and private business or domain.

A Good Thing for Employees and Employers

This technology will reshape the world as we know it. Work from Anywhere is a good thing for employees, employers, and their countries.

Employees want to be able to work from wherever they are and businesses and countries want to be able to trust the work that is being done. This week we showed how our vision could be made a reality and we delivered on our promise to show over 100 country and business leaders how this can work.

BlockCerts has created a model in which the needs of the employees and staff are met and the concerns and needs of businesses are secured. Using Blockchain technology and proprietary applications we’ve insured that everything in your business is secured to create a new business model for today’s global needs.

Embed trust through blockchain to work like you’ve never worked before. It’s easy to get started, with a free download, a $10 token and see how this can change your current business.

By securing your business from the exposed and dangerous pitfalls of web 2.0, you’ve taken the first big step to removing many risks from your equation. Next, you’ll begin to see how creating new efficiencies and new work habits will accelerate your business beyond expectations in the new world of Web 4.0.

We’ll bring you numerous videos showing new ways to use your new asset in your business. We keep learning from others how they’ve applied new ways within their business too. We look forward to hearing your new story soon!

Download the ORBITi Browser and BCERTin Wallet and get started on your next business adventure (from your office, from home or work from just about anywhere!).

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