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How to Build a Better Life on the Chain

How to Build a Better Life on the Chain

Blockchain – it is no longer a matter of “if” or “when” – it is a matter of “How”

How fast will the transformation occur? How soon will it hit me, my business, my life? How much impact will it make? How will I chain?

Because, eventually, everyone, everything, will be on the chain.

How do I know?

It’s pretty simple and obvious if you take a look at the media.

Zuckerberg went in front of congress to discuss the use of your private information (I don’t use Facebook – nor does my family) for political analysis.

Equifax (which we all use, like it or not) – let our information “slip” into the hands of hackers.

Under Armour exposed health data with their FitPro APP breach of 150 million user accounts.

Let’s not forget Target credit cards.

Tesla’s unfortunate event with self-driving cars shows what IoT hacking could do for self-driving vehicles. While this wasn’t a hacking event, it certainly was demonstrative of what could happen to our highways and lives if similar information is not controlled.

That’s what Blockchain does. It makes a mark on what’s going on, at every step of the way. It can be used for transparency. It can be used for authentication. It can be used for storage. It can be used for access and privacy. It can be used for lots of things – most importantly however, is what it can’t be used for. Centralized agendas. That’s what Blockchain changes – and that’s why everything from banking to business, privacy to insurance policies, the Internet of Things to the Internet on every mobile device, will be touched.

If you touch technology, blockchain will, eventually touch you. I have formed this blog series, to inform and prepare you, starting with the “How”. How it will change lives, globally, personally, professionally. How it will impact change in our world, our business models.

The Internet has infiltrated everything we do, over the last 23 years since Netscape first gave away a browser for free in 1994. Blockchain will have an equal, if not more profound impact. In the early days of the Internet, it was not clear if this was even going to last. Some of us saw 1994, bringing the first browsers and bulletin boards, and we thought, “Here we go!” We just didn’t know where it would take us – no matter how vast our imaginations were back then, we could scarcely predict the future of mobile, APPs and social impact.

Today, with that model, and history, well entrenched, we now can see that blockchain is a fundamental shift, made possible by a now quarter of a century old fundamental shift that the Internet has brought about. It is good, it is needed, it is here.

This blog series is about the HOW of Blockchain, How it will impact our lives, for the good, for responsibility, for accountability. Let’s call this #ChainsforPositive.

As I move forward from here – I promise to discuss the HOW and hope to have lots of feedback on how readers of this blog see blockchain, my ideas and views. It’s our world to build, our opportunity to make #ChainsforPositive. Because, first and foremost, blockchain isn’t about you, or me, or my business, or yours – it’s about us, all of us.

I will outline ideas and the momentum of “HOW” blockchain will deliver a new type of Internet. Blockchain will shift our means of computing in this ever-merging world and alter the ways in which we make our lives into a living. As the quantum of evolving elements in technology continues to shape our world, you will be ready.

If you touch technology, blockchain will, eventually touch you.TWEET THISPlease feel free to join me every Friday at 11am Pacific Time for my podcast, “Ask me Anything” where I will answer any question on the topic of technology, blockchain, and how the technology business affects our lives and world.

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Tim Vasko, Founder and CEO, BlockCerts

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