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How is a Use Case Defined – Getting Started on Your Use Case

How is a Use Case Defined – Getting Started on Your Use Case
By Andrew Vice President, Customer Engagement

There is no end to the places that Blockchain can protect and automate a business. Even points in your business that are your “hot buttons” or that keep you up at night might be solved through a blockchain application.

Use Case Examples

When you think of the blockchain you might immediately think of banking transactions in the Fintech blockchain space and those industries that require the highest in secure on-line protection. You’d be correct in that thinking. BlockCerts has a current blockchain patent and an approved patent for KYC (Know Your Customer) RegTech authentication. BlockCerts is working with title solutions, mortgage applications and financial institutions.

What most don’t realize, is the plethora of blockchain tracking solutions to automate and propel every business in every industry. Lets look at a few that we’ve recently configured:

Recording Artist

We configured a solution for a recording artist who wanted a way to protect and register his work and invite fellow artists to do the same thing…a perfect blockchain solution.

First Responders

A medical company called Medical Buddy Solutions wanted to provide a safe way for for EMT first responders and caregivers to connect securely and have accurate patient information right at the scene when they arrived. With our QR code we protect a client’s medical records, while providing quick access to those who need it.

Construction H.R. – A new use case will now define an entire industry.

Think about the labor-intensive new hire process of signing agreements, scanning and emailing agreements, copying driver licenses, filing paperwork, issuing non-competes, compliance training information, setting-up multiple state’s payroll and more. What if that entire process was automated on-line with a smart contract, training documents and notification system to take the manual labor out of the process. In less than 30 days, we’ll do just that and it will save a company thousands in costs, while providing the same hiring experience with every new employee and getting back lost time.


Cannabis companies will be the early adopters of the blockchain. Many are already searching for the best cannabis tracking system to provide compliance and new automation for their businesses. As of yet, there hasn’t been one, until now. BlockCerts has an app in beta right now, while others are just creating white papers on how to design a solution. Cannabis compliance is a huge topic that keeps business owners up at nights.

Our MJWallet will provide a retailer the ability to provide an app for purchasing merchandise through crypto tokens. This alleviates the current issue of only taking all cash payments creating an entire ecosystem. Our 3-step authentication insures that every client is compliant with age and regulations, without worrying about underage fake id’s. Seed to sale is tracked on a ledger forever, so compliance and tracking take a huge weight off an owner’s mind on future audits.

(Contact us if you’d like to join the beta!)

BlockCerts created its own private blockchain. BlockCerts already has defined solutions for many industry segments. The application layer and software platform have the advantage of being highly configurable, being able to choose from many gadgets, with close to 400 in our library including:

  • A robust Smart Contract solution securely simplifies actions and automates processes.
  • Contract Vault making it quick and easy to access important contracts in a business.
  • 3-Step Verification (KYC/AML) can be customized to meet specific business needs for clients, new-hire on-boarding, and all trusted applications.
  • Secure Digital File Cabinet: storage and file sharing.
  • Instant Messaging: collaboration and communication.
  • Blockchain Supply-chain solutions.

If you have pain points in your business, including items that could be automated, simplified, tracked, authenticated, secured and protected, you should contact us. You’d be surprised at how quickly we can define and implement your solution.

Here’s the BlockCerts Use Case Approach:
  • We’ll review your Business Needs to define next steps.
  • Work with your business to define a Minimum Viable Build.
  • Create a solution that will meet many if not all of the essential requirements needed.
  • ‘Go Forward’ strategy – define the next two or three releases.
  • Future changes, modification and enhancement as there is feedback from your customers, suppliers, staff.

Simply fill-out a Use Case Questionnaire. We’ll then contact you. Having a solid definition of the processes involved and reviewing how Blockchain can catapult your organization is the first step to realizing your business goals!


Sumesh MS