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How Can Realtors Use the Blockchain for Their Business?

How Can Realtors Use the Blockchain for Their Business?
Gary likes to list houses, but he gets frustrated with all of the running-around and busy-work which keeps him from earning a larger income. Gary’s business is about to change:
  1. He downloads the BCERTin app and buys 500 tokens.
  2. He uploads a Pre-qualify form that he can send to clients and to a short-list of lenders.
  3. He reviews the pre-loaded real estate contracts on BCERTin, check mark, life just got easier.
  4. Gary has a specific listing agent contract or buyers-agent agreement, he uploads this.
  5. Gary doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to give a Client Gift that they will appreciate forever,and separate himself from his competition. Gary used to send emails with pdf attachments. His clients didn’t always have a scanner, so many times he would need to meet the client at his office or drive, meet the client and make copies, scan them himself and send emails to other realtors, send emails to lenders, get frustrated because he had to call to follow-up to make sure that they received it and then get the documents signed. He had to carry two large filing tubs in the back of his car, just in case a client called him or a past client needed information. Filing and keeping track of it all was a pain.
Now Gary’s process changed:
  1. Gary provides his lender contacts with the BERTin app, by using one of his tokens. That way he can connect his clients with a lender quickly.
  2. With every new client, he sends them a BCERTin app and uses one of his tokens to authenticate them and to get them started. He explains that he is one of the first realtors to use the power of the blockchain to secure and protect his clients, but also to streamline the whole process. They are instantly impressed with his system, making a good first impression with the client.
  3. Gary asks his client to electronically sign his listing or agent agreement. He can instantly see that it is signed because he has a dashboard that notifies him on every contract. He electronically files it under that client’s name.
  4. He asks his client to fill-out a pre-qualify form, esign it and then hit send, which connects with his lenders. Because he is a party to this contract, he can see when his lender(s) respond, and his clients will see the response on their app. Now that they are pre-qualified, they are armed with more information and power when making a future offer.
  5. When the client wants to make an offer on a home, Gary loves the fact that in minutes, he can have an offer ready with his new tool. He pulls down a contract, fills in the specific information, esigns and notifies his client to do the same. No bent-up paperwork from the back of his trunk. It’s easy, and saves everyone involved time. Gary calls the listing agent and lets them know that they have a contract. He shares that he would rather not email a PDF because that isn’t secure. He will send a contract authorization through his BCERTin app where they can review in their app, print it if needed, and then respond to the contract. Wow, that is easy and saved a ton of time. He also shares the pre-qual letter on the app and other information. The sellers accept the offer with just one minor change and instantly, Gary sees it on his dashboard and his clients are notified as well. Very efficient!
  6. When the client wants to make an offer on a home, Gary loves the fact that in minutes, he can have an offer ready with his new tool.TWEET THISWhile Gary is reviewing a home, another past client calls him and asks him questions about their past contract. In the past, Gary used to dig through his car files to find the answers. Now, he asks his client to look at his BCERTin app. Gary is quickly able to pull-up that contract and review with the client in seconds. In real-time and in minutes, he’s on his way.


Dan Gay, Chief Marketing Officer