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BlockCerts Use Case Desk: SignCERTin

BlockCerts Use Case Desk: SignCERTin

Whichever industry you’re a part of, there is likely a constant flow of documents that keep collaborations and new projects moving forward. Security is a major consideration in this process as we continue to distribute our signatures and oftentimes, personal information.

Home addresses, social security numbers, and other pieces of information are used to identify clients and employees in the workforce. When placed in the wrong hands, however, this can be a devastating breach of trust for internal and external parties. Contracts are chocked full of sensitive information as well, and in our current ecosystem, it has become way too easy for anyone to state “that’s note my signature”.

Document Security in Different Industries

Secure and protected documents are crucial in every industry. There are a number of industries that are particularly vulnerable to prying eyes. Law firms require a constant share of information with clients and colleagues and a lack of document security could mean a breach of client confidentiality. It could even allow users to read, edit, and delete relevant documents along the way.

According to the American Bar Association, other consequences include loss of billable hours, consulting fees for repair, destruction or loss of files and replacement of hardware/software. These consequences are becoming even more relevant today. In the American Bar Association’s 2017 Legal Technology Survey Report, 22% of respondents reported that their firms had experienced a security breach at some point in time. This is an uptick from previous years including 14% in 2016, 15% in 2015, 14% in 2014, and 15% in 2013.

In healthcare, data security is an ongoing concern. The largest health care breach in history was that of insurance company, Anthem, exposing the personal records of 78.8 million individuals. And according to a report by the Intel Security McAfee Labs, cybercriminals are expending more and more time and resources monetizing healthcare data.

Despite best efforts to improve data security, health care professionals continue to report obstacles with e-signature technology that is intended to keep information safe. Luckily, they are beginning to understand the importance of authentication at multiple levels, including KYC (Know Your Customer) technology.

The SignCERTin Solution

Have you ever heard someone say, “That’s not my signature?” It’s been a common legal argument for centuries. What if you were certain? How many disputes would that resolve?

BlockCerts is announcing a new benefit into its coming release of BCERTin called SignCertin. By integrating a variety of authentication tools to ensure that you, and the parties you are involved with, are the only ones that are capable of signing off on your documents. The SignCERTin solution allows you to invite multiple signers, reviewers, and others at various levels without worrying about external interferences.

SignCERTin uses a patented blockchain technology to verify the identity of every person behind every document (at the point of signature). This creates a 100% authenticated transaction record that is transparent and easily to retrieve by anyone with a private key.

The level of certainty begins with a 3-step verification process including the upload of a driver’s license, “selfie”, and another form of government I.D. For further verification a company can select to integrate a background check. Even location verification of where it was signed is integrated into the solution.

The question for businesses is: How much is spent on legal fees that could be avoided with SignCertin? How important is the protection of data and the secrecy of your information? Would you lose a customer or customers if someone forwarded what should be secure or if someone hacked into your information?

The future of documents is on the blockchain. Now with SignCertin, you have a new level of trust and security. Businesses will create better relationships with customers and vendors and avoid misunderstandings that are easier to review with quick information at your fingertips. And if you do have to go to court, discovery becomes a review of a digital journey recorded on the digital ledger.

With a seamless and unified process, you’ll have the confidence to sign off on the next step towards your future and the future of your business.