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BlockCerts Use Case Desk: IMCERTin

BlockCerts Use Case Desk: IMCERTin

What does it take to build one of the most profitable and technically advanced companies in the world? A tremendous amount of hard work, grit, and perseverance, of course. But what once evoked a source of inspiration to build from the ground up and transform business paradigms has since been diminished to a love triangle.

Jeff Bezos’ sexting scandal is as visually potent as they come but, in its exposé, it did much more than reveal the private life of one of the most powerful business leaders of our time. It brought to light the innate lack of control we have in our ‘private’ lives. Here’s how the blockchain will secure trust and put privacy back into our private lives.

What Does Bezos’ Scandal Say About Private Messaging?

We are in no way excusing Bezos’ behavior but it is fair to say that as human beings, we deserve to carry out our private lives without inflicting personal blackmail and harmful exploitation. In the case of Jeff Bezos, we saw very quickly how public figures can fall victim to unsecure data. Fame and status aside, we are all vulnerable with the current approach to ‘private’ messaging.

Many businesses have turned to platforms such as WhatsApp to develop communications across the office and across the world. Unfortunately, however, user accounts are tied to individuals’ personal phone numbers, which are easy to access from the outside. This is where the blockchain comes in. Authenticated with a 64 digit private key instead of a flimsy phone number, messaging on the blockchain becomes decentralized, and invisible to those you have not specifically invited to connect with.

Enter IMCERTin - Secure Your Text

The IMCERTin platform is a private messaging service that brings the security of the blockchain right to your fingertips. Just like a message you would send through WhatsApp or iMessage, IMCERTin allows you to access contacts and send private messaging in real time, but on a blockchain foundation that will secure your every word. With every important chat, you’ll keep an encrypted record on the blockchain, knowing who is getting your messages and when. It all really boils down to one thing, trust.

While Bezos’ behavior may have sparked trust issues among the wider community, it revealed an important function that not many of us knew we needed in the first place. The blockchain will fulfill the next iteration of trust through private messaging. It will encrypt every document, text message, and transaction with a stamp of trust and hold us all accountable, though not in the glare of the public eye.