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BlockCerts Use Case Desk: BlockCerts Goes Live!

BlockCerts Use Case Desk: BlockCerts Goes Live!

BlockCerts and Ethereum Wallets

Before leaving the house, we all check for two things. Do I have my key? My wallet? But on the blockchain, we will always have both. And with this kind of wallet, we can do much more than buy a cup of coffee. With the power of just one token, we can power the entire functionality of the blockchain, employing Use Cases to bring better efficiency, collaboration, and security to our business.

On April 16, BlockCerts went live on Ethereum’s Etherscan with 2.1 billion tokens. Now, BlockCerts users can unlock their wallet with their unique private key and power a suite of integrated business solutions. Users can also use their wallet to trade in Ethereum, transfer BlockCerts tokens into Ethereum and vice versa.

What is a Wallet, Anyway?

But first, what exactly is an Ethereum wallet? Just as you need a place to store your physical cash, you need a place to store your digital cash as well. The wallet is that place, although it doesn’t store cash in a tangible way. Instead, it stores records on the blockchain. Digital wallets serve as a public address where users can send digital assets. With your private key, you can unlock those tokens and participate in transactions. You can also use those tokens to power a future suite of software and to unlock a variety of use cases.

Why’s it’s so Important?

What’s important to note is that many tokens in the past had no blockchain behind them and no tangible functionality. BCERTin is one of the first tokens that will have true business functionality and now that we’ve gone live, you can see what it can really do.

In the healthcare industry? We can help you better connect with patients, access health records faster, and keep patient’s information secure. In real estate? We can help you remove the intermediaries and get documents signed faster and more securely to get the ball rolling.

In the burgeoning cannabis industry, we can help you track products from seed to sale and ensure that your products don’t get in the hands of underage consumers (and many other benefits too). In any industry, you can access a collaborative ecosystem on the BlockCerts blockchain, sharing files, private messaging, and contracts in the most secure format possible. And it all starts with just one token (from your wallet).

The Future – The Smarter Office

The power of the BCERT Token with BCERTin. A Beta SMARTER OFFICE suite will be available in early May. Think of it as your GPS automation for your business. You wouldn’t use a paper map anymore to drive through Los Angeles, right? You’d use Waze or Google Maps. So why would you use paper contracts and eSignature contracts that are cumbersome to use and are filed away to collect dust?

Why would you use 7 or 8 different services that don’t integrate with each other? Each service charges an individual cost (a seat fee) and each leave your business data exposed to prying eyes by using Centralized data storage (data hacks are up 100x in 5 years and can wipeout a business), sharable links, and hackable emails?

Each service leaves “gaps” in the process that also waste your time and cost your business. You send an email and wait for a response and then wonder if they’ve received it. Have they looked at it? You’re in the dark and either follow-up with another email or a phone call. If there are changes to a document or contract you do that process all over again. You send a link to a file and hope that link isn’t shared with anyone else, and the list goes on.

I’m talking about eSignature services, file sharing, payment services, email, text, CRM, password protection, communication sharing services and more. Businesses pay $480 per year, per employee for a eSign service, $99/year for Dropbox®, $36/year for password protection, $300/year for CRM and the list goes on to strap businesses with every new employee. None of the services integrate with each other and if you don’t pay in a month, guess who holds your company data? Your data can be exposed and your data is held hostage if you don’t keep paying. How secure does that make you feel?

Business now has a new partner, BlockCerts secured blockchain with integrated applications for business. It’s powered by tokens you own, versus siloed services that you rent. BlockCerts Blockchain goes live! New ticker listed on Ethereum.TWEET THIS

Our wallet is live and as simple to use as a Starbucks app. Like your favorite morning roast, it will reenergize your day-to-day, improving productivity, efficiency and collaboration in anything you do.

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