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Add Privacy and New Tools
to Your Virtual Meetings!

Welcome to a new world of video privacy, plus new embedded collaboration tools to do
more. It’s more than video – it’s your virtual office, from the start of your camera to
launching the project, to signing, and more!

How Important is Your Privacy?

We’ve Got You Covered

  • No More Zoom Bombings
  • ORBITi Private Browser Eliminates Risks
  • You Control Who Enters Your Secure Virtual Space

Video work

From Video To Work

Dynamic Activity Channels that don't miss a thing

Video work

Put productivity behind your digital
Demos, appointments,
and digital events - don't stop there!

Get things done ...

  • Meet
  • Record
  • Work: Share
  • Document, eSign - Invoice
  • Closed
productivity productivity

When you start a MeetCERTin meeting… …You're opening up a new world of productivity for you, your
teams, your customers, and clients.

The steps from first meeting to productive business

Click to hold individual calls or group calls. Or, set up an “Private Channel” to use in Marketing,
collaborating with your team...engaging with customers or closing, all handled in a single space.
Open a meeting to closed deals, projects, productivity in 5 Easy Steps


That's how digital business should be!

Step 1

Create a meeting channel

meeting channel

Step 2

Invite Others

invite others

Step 3

Launch a meeting (Your contacts instantly notified)

Launch meeting

Step 4

Start a recording that’s stored right where you’re working. Secured,
encrypted, only accessible through private keys.

You can even stream your meeting to YouTube instantly for broad
audience webinars!


Step 5

Keep the momentum going!

Video Witness