What are SmartContracts?

They change everything. Every critical point validated as to clarity, compliance, and dollar amounts set, transferred, completed. With each party to the contract a “witness” to the others interaction – all validated by Blockchain.

Completed with the BlockCert Private Blockhain ledger – published to Etherium.

Smart Contracts powered by Finaeos is the only truly interacting contract in the world, where every communication, action, and step is alive with verification, “blocked” with a BlockCerts Value Node™.

Why Smart Contracts with BlockCerts?

Imagine lifting the process of every business transaction, from paper or PDF with a mire of legalize, missed information, points of “unclear” meaning, and, of course the payment terms.

From the very first step of identity authentication, to ensure the people entering into an agreement are who they say, Smart Contracts by Finaeos with BlockCerts bring each agreement to life, with the operational process flow, validation that every critical point was covered, understood, and irrefutably completed.

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, this is how the world of business will change forever.

How SmartContracts with BlockCerts Works


Token Authentication – Each party to the Finaeos smart contract receives their unique, personalized, authenticated token.


Automation – The smart contract automatically populates the token and obvious field data like name, address, email, etc. to streamline the on-boarding process for every party involved.


Validation – Critical components in the contract, points where interpretation, validation, is critical, is “blocked” with a BlockCerts Value Node TM based on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain.


Collaboration – Every “Actor” which is a Party to the Contract is validated. Every upload is marked. The eSignature (done from any touch screen device) is “blocked” – there is no room for doubt. The Contract is complete, or does not proceed.


Certification – the living smart contract is driven with a process flow, that follows each Value Node Block through the process, the contract is only completed with every required Value Node Block is fully in place, and a completed BlockCerts modal is stored in the Blockcerts Private Ledger – and noted on the public Ethereum Smart Contract.


Authorization – The living Smart Contract has received full Authorization and is stored in each Parties BlockCerts Wallet in the Finaeos BlockCerts Ledger – displayed on their private node wallet.


Exchange - the BlockCerts Value Nodes related to the value of the contract is instantly transferable to all parties. Any form of monetary value, virtual currency or traditional payments, are noted, attached, and transferred instantly.

Confirmed by BlockCerts

Delivering compliant workflows

Leave no room for doubt

Escape from the mounds of paper, legally worded boilerplate,
to a confirmation of clarity, collaboration, and validation.

Every critical point, defined beyond “paper” and legalese that,
down the road can turn into a compliance nightmare,
and worse, costly court room “interpretation”.

This is how BlockCerts and Finaeos will change the world.

“A deal is a deal”

The virtual handshake, validated at every step by BlockCerts on Ethereum, lets the world of Blockchain, define the immutable ledger –

the model of the Finaeos Smart Contract validates the Trust, and documents the deal in the cement of Blockchain.

BlockCerts changes everything.


No more legal "after the fact" interpretation.


No more audit mishaps, missing information or identification for compliance audits.


No More denials of understanding.
Live on the the Finaeos platform
Imagine the cost in savings, time, aggravation, and frustration