What are BCERT tokens?

Evolutionary, revolutionary, and everything in-between.

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BCERT private cloud Tokens - power the apps, and network - you “own” your own cloud, earn savings & rewards with work you do every day.
BlockCerts is a powerful unified cloud software. Tools and data that deliver the tech power you need, with control & privacy you deserve.
The platform that sets you free. Start your Digital Cloud right from your desktop Wallet - configure, manage, go and grow your way.
The next generation of technology growth belongs to the BCERT Token holder community - as the community grows, your BCERT platform tokens increase in value
BCERT puts authenticated identity in every portal. BCERT members become the most secure collaboration network on the planet. With the cryptographic safety of private keys.
The next Generation of cloud and blockchain is powered by real transactions - putting the tools and energy you use to work back into a digital, carbon neutral, equal access world of tech power.
What are your goals?
The unthinkable is possible with BCERT Tokens
Get Yield

Get the opportunity to be one of the first to earn from the crypto utility in BlockCerts by holding BCERT exchangeable tokens.

Get Work Done

Access the BlockCerts dCloud, with unified action dApps, It’s a technology that makes all of your life and work easier for you and your team, friends and family.

Oh, and you also get the Yield!

Download the Wallet

Manage Multiple Wallets & Workflows

You can manage multiple Wallets & Workspaces for different goals

BCERTin and BCERT Tokens

As your goals change, you can exchange BCERTin for BCERT tokens anytime with our built in SWAP bridge. Use the tools, trade your tokens, pay, transactions and more with ease.
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Utility Gold Token


Eth Based Black Token

BCERT Tokens are integrated with a growing number of decentralized markets

BCERTin wallet is integrated with DeFi, NFT and Exchanges providers.
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And more to come ;)


Only with BCERTin you can get the benefits of the dCloud

download outline walletcertin Download the Wallet
  • Secure Video Calls
    Dapps Meetcertin

    The video platform that lets you meet, IM, share files, create documents and ... well actually work! OH Yeah .. it's unlimited too!

  • Private Instant Messeges
    Dapps Imcertin

    What could a simple IM create? How about with a single click - an entire business to launch next big opportunity!

  • Secure ID Verification and Authentication
    Dapps Idcertin

    The solution to protect your business with the privacy and security of identity authentication.

  • Collaborative Smart Office Platform
    Dapps Workcertin

    WorkCERTin is a secure virtual command center, accessed via private keys, revolutionizing business.

  • VacCERTin proof of that you are vaccinated
    Dapps Vaccertin

    VacCERTin is a fast and secure way to share digital details of your vaccination

  • Digital File Sharing and Management
    Dapps Filecertin

    Transform beyond data room document management to full process flow collaboration for confidential transactions.

  • Onboard, Train, Productivity
    Dapps Teamcertin

    Know Your Team! Authenticated onboarding to video training. Get digital teams organized and moving fast.

  • Smart Contracts Automated
    Dapps Signcertin

    Create every contract or document as a Smart Contract. Authenticated eSigned signatures, virtual witness and notary video.

  • Eliminate Risks & Lower Cost
    Dapps Paycertin

    Eliminate the risks for merchant gateways that cause high costs, frozen merchant accounts and lost revenues.

  • eCommerce + Pay + Authenticate
    Dapps Shopcertin

    Evolve from a “Shopping Cart & Merchant gateway to the platform that confirms customers, eliminates chargeback and risks.

  • Marketing Optimization
    Dapps Marketcertin

    The marketing and customer growth engine that engages prospects and customers in a collaborative relationship from the first contact.


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