Shared Link Syndrome

Is Your Business Exposed to Shared Link Syndrome and Malware?

1). eSignature Tools use insecure eMail and Sharable Links

One of the greatest security risks for businesses is exposing your protected files and important documents with competitors and those who don’t have your best business interests in mind.

eSign Companies and File Share Companies pawn their security responsibility off on YOU (this is an actual message from a leading eSign company)

Every business is at risk. It only takes one incorrect share to get into the hands of someone who could expose your data to the world with one social post.

BCERTin secures every contact, every file and transaction with 3-Step Authentication and a 64 digit Private Key.

There are no links to share or files to ever be exposed to anyone without a PRIVATE KEY!

2). eMail Links Malware Issues

According to Krebson Security, DocuSign acknowledged that a series of malware phishing attacks targeted its customers and users and was a result of a data breach. This is especially dangerous because it allows attackers to target the company’s customers to open links in emails that aren’t from the company.

Email is an antiquated technology, which link sharing and file sharing will remain a threat to companies.


3). Link Ransomeware Issues

According to Dropbox, it’s applications can’t differentiate between ransomeware files and regular files. It may even sync other malware infected files and folders to the server.

4). 85% of organizations use insecure file sharing tools

According to Ponemon data, 85% of organizations use insecure file sharing tools, such as Drobox, YouSendIt, email attachments (see Watchbox visual to the left)

Businesses don’t even know when their employees are putting them at risk by using these tools on their own. They may not be intending to put your important files at risk, but if they’re using these tools, they are doing just that.

The Issues:

  • Any File Can Be Shared With Anyone
  • Shared Files Can Be Posted to Large Social Channels
  • Emails can be hacked
  • Phishing can send Malware emails

The Solution: BCERTin Every Important File is Protected!

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