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BlockCerts is Creating a Technology Renaissance Bringing Web 3.0 to a Web 2.0 Business World

BlockCerts is delivering what the world need, right now. With over 30 billion hacked data records in 2020 on the “Exposed Cloud”, BlockCerts is what the Dr. Ordered.

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With a patented Secure Virtual Space Technology providing the world’s first “authenticated block blockchain”, combined with a proprietary integrated SaaS solution suite of tools, BlockCerts is a leader in Web 3.0, which is being called “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

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The Power of The Future Lies in Your Hands with BCERT Tokens
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What is Blockchain

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Why BlockCerts Blockchain

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WorkCERTin - Mother of all Tools!

It is the mother of all tools!

A single place where you can set up your business, virtual office space, onboard your people from anywhere, anytime!

Expanding dApp Solutions to Catapult Business

IDCERTin – KYC Digital Identity Management

SignCERTin – Smart Contracts as a Service

Secure File Sharing

Supply Chain

Key BlockCerts Differentiators

IDCERTin is a Game Changer

Only Those Authenticated with a Private Key Can Access

  • Multi-Step Verification insures trust with those within your Ecosystem
  • Increases Security in your business
  • Eliminates Risks and Verifies Who is a Part of Each Transaction.

SignCERTin – The First Smart Contract dApp for Business

With SignCERTin, businesses are empowered with a new automated guidance system. Now contracts become a dynamic ecosystem to collaborate on-line, text comments, track updates and versions, trigger activities and automate payments via the blockchain.

Business now has a contract GPS to guide the way.