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BCERT Tokens Give You Ownership Upside in Your Technology

Global = Access

Everyone has equal access – so the BlockCerts BCERT Tokens are globally distributed based on the economics for each global citizen. Token credits are created based on your verified region of residence.

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9 BCERT Tokens get you
full control of the Cloud

That's just $.27 cents a day. About 2 cups of Starbucks coffee a month - you'll always have your private secure data and access to the tools you need.

BCERT Tokens may actually go UP in value

  • Unlimited Use
  • Unlimited Possibility
  • Unlimited Cloud

Just hold 9 BCERT Tokens annually at your anniversary of community membership for your unlimited access. You can trade your tokens at any time as long as you're a member.

  • virtual meeting platform

    MeetCERTin - complete
    Video work spaces

  • quality digital office technology

    Bound by no limits
    - unlimited access

  • collaborative workspace app

    Collaborate, eSign, store
    and more ... no fees

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You can now run your blockchain cloud by holding just 9 BCERT Tokens* unlimited cloud tools and access for BCERT community members

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A New World of Cloud

  • Blockcerts Wallet App

    blockcerts wallet appblockcerts wallet app

    BCERTin Wallet - where privacy and control are in your hands (available now exclusively to BCERT community)

    Status Released July 2021
  • digital office solutions

    Team CollaborationTeam Collaboration

    MeetCERTin Unlimited video, private encrypted recording on your desktop to mobile Channels you control (available now exclusively to BCERT community)

    Status Released July 2021
  • cloud meeting channels

    blockcerts messaging appblockcerts messaging app

    IMCERTin - Move FAST From Private mobile to meeting Channels to project and work instantly. Idea, chat, GO! (available now exclusively to BCERT community)

    Status Released July 2021

Digital Dozen Unlimited
The Power of BCERT Tokens
Business or Personal

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secure identification verification

Secure Identity – Authentication of Every BCERT Community Member

Blockchain based Identity with your identity – your privacy is secure with your identity confirmed, encrypted and assured on IDCERTin. Once you’re confirmed, your information encrypted and shared only when you want to – it’s your CHOICE!

Status Released July 2021

A Dozen Ways
To Build Your Unlimited Cloud

  • Digital File Management Platform

    Virtual data room softwareVirtual data room software

    Digital File Sharing and Management From document gathering, to meetings, recordings tracking logs, secured, stored, encrypted, to a lock on every file. The blockchain based

    Status Released July 2021
  • digital wallet for cryptocurrency

    secure online payment processing

    Protected Payment Processing Protection and Assurance We've re-written the rules for Merchant Payments offering a new solution for our industry!

    Status Beta for merchants open July 2021
  • digital commerce services

    digital merchant platformdigital merchant platform

    dCommerce cart Create your business, cart and ownership! Own your cart, collaborate with customers to build your own mighty business. Decentralized “dCommerce” means now you control your cloud shop!

    Status Released July 2021

Coming Soon!
Introducing VacCERTin

Your vaccine Passport & Test Authentication


powered by BlockCerts Blockchain
  • COVID Vaccines
  • COVID Test Results
  • Passport to an unlocked world

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