Feeding Success

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Download BCERTin and empower small-hold businesses with big business tools.

Get an app. Give an app.

Fairness and Equality in Electronic Delivery

Help us expand fairness, equality, trust, and transparency. Through your purchase, you’ll help level the playing field for micro businesses to access big business tools for their success.


Join the Movement and Speak the
Global Language of the Blockchain

Our Commitment

We’re passionate about making it simple for more people, businesses, and organizations to access blockchain technology and its core value of trust. By enhancing accessibility, we hope to empower businesses of all sizes and facilitate The Trust Movement across cultural boundaries.

Provide secure and trusted collaborations, leveraging KYC technology and multi-step authentication

Save businesses thousands by providing an all-in-one platform from the palm of their hand

Offer a robust ecosystem with simple tools for sharing and logging information, sending and esigning contracts, and more!

Remove gaps in collaboration that waste both time and money

Enough food is produced to feed everyone on earth.

Yet 33% goes to waste.

Small hold farmers produce more than 70% of the world's food sources.

Yet 60% of farm laborers are living in poverty.

It’s time to stop biting the hand that feeds us. Together, we can create a transparent ecosystem that pinpoints waste at its source and reveals disadvantages throughout the supply chain.

Your BCERTin purchase just planted the seed for:

  • Fair Pricing
  • Food Traceability
  • Reduced Middleman Costs
  • Efficient Supply
  • Independence
  • Transparency

…and the same tools to succeed!

How Can I Get Involved?

  • If you’ve downloaded BCERTin, you’ve already donated!
  • For every new download, another person willbenefit from F.E.E.D.
  • As you invite others to collaborate with youon BCERTin, each new download will spread the movement and benefit another individual.
  • Give us your feedback!

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