Summary Engagement
on BlockCerts Blockchain

Summary Engagement on BlockCerts Blockchain

An Enterprise Engagement on BlockCerts is where a CORE Node of the BlockCerts Platform is configured for a company’s specific requirements.   The requirements are gathered from your operations team, IT team (if any) and are matched to the strategy outlined for blockchain and Tokenization of your business model by your Executives (most times this is done in conjunction with our BIPED® “Blockchain Intelligence Protocol Enterprise Design” coaching model) – for our BlockCerts platform member enterprises that participate in BIPED®

BCERT Tokens

A BCERT Token is the function that allows everything to work on the blockchain.  This is often referred to as a “utility token” – meaning, in order to utilize the platform Tokens are required.   Tokens are software units.   Much like a Google AdWord® allow you to attach an AD, landing page and deliver by the click, users information and registrations to your company (which only works with the AdWord® Tokens of Google), a BCERT Token is has many more functions than an Ad, but works to carry transactions on the BlockCerts platform, just like Google AdWords® work on the Google platforms. 

Like any software, even AdWords®, there is a need to set up the system to use for your business.  This can rage from do-it-your-self options, to very advanced configurations.


Enterprise configurations involve a team of developers, business analysts and project managers to get your platform set up with its own “Theme” and as a CORE Node.   This involves people, IT set up (just like hosting), installing the platform for your private “instance”.

The costs associated with set-up are covered by the number of Tokens you invest in and acquire.   Tokens you purchase from BlockCerts development pool qualify are assigned “configuration credits”.   These credits are used to engage and pay the teams, and staff, it takes to get your sys

As BlockCerts is rapidly growing, we prioritize every configuration in this way:

  1. Acquisition date of BCERT Tokens
  2. Number of BCERT Tokens acquired
  3. Speed, and focus of requirements gathered

There is a minimum number of BCERT Tokens an enterprise must own to engage BlockCerts.   As there is no way to be a user, or transact any smart contract or business on the platform without BCERT Tokens, the only configurations logical to implement are for BCERT Token holders.

The number of BCERT Tokens you invest in from the use case BCERT Token pool, will determine the number of resources, and in some cases the speed at which, we can move your business into its blockchain business model.

Enterprise BCERT Tokens: Range and Configuration Units

Tokens Held (USD) Number BCERTs Configuration Units Config Team Calendar Start
$5,000 min 5,050 Tokens
Bonus Tokens *
1.5 : 1
Total Tokens
48 CFU
1 Week Sprint
2 Private Team Members
8 hrs day
Available Start *
$15,000 15,151
Bonus Tokens
Total Tokens
144 CFU
2 Week Sprint
2 Private Team Members  
Most Popular
Bonus Tokens
90,000 Total
300 CFU
3 Week Sprint
1 Week Testing
3 Private Team Members  
POS Node Host
101,000 Tokens
Bonus Tokens
Per Token After Bonus
1,000 CFU
2x 3 Week Sprints
2 x 1 Week Tests
4 Private Team Members  

Get Started – Pricing Checkout

A Quick Calculation for Getting Started

I. A Quick Private Label – 5,000 token minimum. BCERTin front office and back office private labeled for your business.

II. Tailored Use Case, 25,000 token minimum to get started. This will allow 3 team members and a 3-week sprint to create a program.

Calculation of Token Needs:

A Token is Regenerative. It goes through an A-B-C stage and then back to “A” again. A token used for a 3-year smart contract with many automation points in the contract would be tied-up for 3 years. A contract like an NDA, once signed, may tie-up a token for a few days and then once the contract is fully executed, the token regenerates. A token used for payment of a service may take 2 days until it is regenerated. A token used for a download of BCERTin for a vendor, an employee, a customer etc. is used for the time their app is active. For 500 employees, 500 tokens would be locked-up in active use, as an example.

Don’t worry, the BlockCerts team is here to help you with your token needs. And remember, with the 500-employee example above, 500 tokens would cost $500 at retail. This isn’t an on-going cost, like a seat-fee. Add-in the small compute costs of blockchain usage and this is a huge savings for your company.

Calculation of Token Needs:

  1. Total merchant transactions per year (or total revenue divided by average transaction cost) divided by number of days (365) = number of tokens required per day.
  2. Multiply that by the transaction completion time ( a rule of thumb is 60 days = x 2).
  3. Add-in the number of apps you plan to provide to your employees, vendors or customers.
  4. Add the number of contracts, shared files average per employee x the number of employees (this includes vendor and customer transactions). A good rule of thumb is 30 per employee x 2 for open/active contracts.

A: Tokens for merchant services: 60 days = 2x token needs.  

B: Tokens for employees, vendors, customers: While in use, these are locked-up, so plan on the number of tokens used here.

C: Tokens for contracts – Average duration of collaboration to signature for simple contracts. Average contract time for a contract with automation.


  Active Apps for Employees: 150
  Active Apps for Vendors/Others:  500
  *Active Employee Monthly Uses: 6,650
  **Tokens Used in Merchant Svcs: 19,379
  Total Token Needs: 26,679

*Average contracts/month/blockchain hashed content/ per employee: 40 x 150 employees = 6,650 (includes vendor and other uses).

**Merchant Svcs: $10,000,000 annual sales/12 months/$86 ave. per sale = 9,689 sales per month. If it takes 60 days to clear sales, cash-in tokens = 9,689 x 2 = 19,379 tokens needed.

Cost Savings:

The comparable initial cost savings for this example is enormous:

*Current Monthly:        $9,750 (Seat Fees)

**New Est Monthly:     $2,154 (Compute Costs – Pay as You Go)

Monthly Savings =      $7,596

One-Time Initial Token Cost = $26,679 (A 3.5 month payback in this case, with more employees, the payback is sooner due to the high cost of employee seat fees).

First Year Annual Savings:                 $64,473

Second Year Annual Savings:           $91,152

**$32,500 per month: The annual seat-fee budget for 500 employees is a minimum of $780 per employee x 500 = $32,500 per month! This includes eliminating Dropbox™, Docusign™ and many of the other insecure apps that your company will no longer need, taking money directly to the bottom line.

*6,650 employee uses x .12 average transaction cost + 19,379 Merchant x .07 average cost = $2,886.

Other Hard Cost Savings

The real benefit of integrating blockchain with our full suite of front office and back office apps is the savings in time, collaboration, administrative costs and legal. That’s not to mentioned improving client relationships that result in higher sales. These costs can be in the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why “Configuration Units” and not “Hourly”?
The Era of Outcome & Output

As our Founder says:

“Nothing happens in technology without fingers on keyboards”.   

This is true when building technology, it is true when using technology.  From your desktop to mobile, your fingers are doing the work.   We don’t believe in measuring work in hours.   Hours are a bygone remnant of the “industrial age”, prolifically used globally by corporations, to professional services like lawyers and accountants.   But today, business happens globally, the hourly wages are varied greatly, and it is the outcome, usefulness and speed to market that drive competitive businesses.   The great era of the “hour” is giving way to the era of “outcome” and “output”.

We use Configuration units to pay for “fingers on keyboards” – many of our team members work solely for BCERT Tokens, while others use a hybrid of money and BCERTs.   The more advanced one member may be in your business, will help you (you might even learn a new thing or two).  Other members may be better at cleaning up data, or designing the perfect look and feel.  

All of our Teams are committed to perfecting outcomes.  So, we lock in exactly the number of CFU’s you’ll need up front, and we work to make it happen.   We don’t charge more if it takes a bit longer, or a few more people.   We bring the technology to you, that you need. 

Your Private Configuration Team now only is your collaborative partners in helping you BCERTin with a Tokenized business, they are experts at how to get you there as efficiently and fast as possible.  

We can do this because of the unique, patented process flows and virtual space technology that it has taken us over a decade to perfect and a half a decade to bring to blockchain.    We call this BIPED® (Blockchain Intelligence Protocol Enterprise Design).

We have done it, again and again, driving billions in revenues our enterprise partners.    We know how to read your roadmap and tell you exactly what BlockCerts can do for you.  We call this BIPED® for a reason.  We Walk our Talk to Deliver.

We’ll even teach you exactly how to BIPED® - walk your business through technology no matter how fast it emerges with our BC Coach program implementing BIPED®. BIPED® has helped hundreds of business leaders over the years discover how to rapidly scale and future proof their business as technology moves at lightning speed (learn More about BIPED® on the BC Coach Page).

*BlockCerts is a Development / Operations platform, where requirements are configured based on the operations teams of the enterprise inputs.  If inputs are delayed, this will affect the Calendar start and completion time.   Delays in receiving requirements from the operations team, if extensive, may move a project to the side for to be “re-qued” in the next available slot.

There are NO SEAT FEES and no hidden charges.  

Once you own your BCERT Tokens – that make up your BCERTin Tokenized business, you will only participate in the costs and advantages of the BlockCerts Blockchain membership – you have your software and data protected for life!

The true partnership was when Software Companies had to sell you their software, from a store shelf, and support you to get you to upgrade!  What happened?  Why?

This is how you can BCERTin you will never have another technical denial of access – because you “own your tokens”, vis-à-vis, your software, and your data. Never again can you be locked-out of your own data because a seat-fee credit card wasn’t processed or declined from an expired card or other reason. You own your data, why put it in the hands and control of others who can hold you hostage for that data!

Next Steps – It’s Simple!

  1. Once you select your ideal model, you will be choosing your “Node Name”. This will become your “public identity and address” – most companies use their company or brand name.   We require a credit card, digital token transfer in Ethereum, Bitcoin or a Bank Wire to process your Tokens.
  2. Within 48 – 72 hours, your portal will be set up, your team will be assigned, and your login is ready for you to begin uploading your information. You or your team *:
    • Will be asked to answer a few questions
    • Will have an area to upload your information
    • Will be assigned your personal BCERTin configuration team
  3. Staging – Base tools are established & configurations, customizations set-up
    • From the initial launch with the Base Configuration, you will watch your platform emerge
    • If you have existing data, your actual data will be imported*
      (depending on the state of your data, how well it is organized, additional time may be required.  In most cases if you have downloaded properly, or allowed our team to download for you, the data will not require any additional time or cost.  You will be notified in advance once we see your uploads)
    • You will be notified to login, check things out, ask questions and get started
  4. Go Live with BCERTin
    • You will, with your Private Configuration Team, select a “Go Live” date
    • On this date, we will provide 24/7/365 support, to ensure everything is perfect
    • From this date forward, you’re in control, and we have your back




or wait and watch your competitors adopt the digital economy, continue to pay Seat Fees, be “stuck” with the web of “sticky technology”.   Not convinced that Digital is Here and will be the success or failure of your future business?  Read this Harvard Business Review report, completed in collaboration with Harvard by our Platinum Sponsor, Microsoft about the future of Digital Business.

Technology is always comprised of three components in the stack, at a minimum:

  1. Application – what you use and see everyday
  2. Network – what makes it work
  3. Protocol – the computations that are happening behind the scenes.
  4. Technology is always comprised of three components in the stack, at a minimum:
  5. Application – what you use and see everyday
  6. Network – what makes it work
  7. Protocol – the computations that are happening behind the scenes.
  8. ANP determines the size and scope of any technology.   We have designed BCERTin installs to model where you company likely fits in its evolution to be the exact right size when you start, and ensure you have complete flexibility to move fast when you scale.  
  9. With an “Elastic” model, a business and its leadership can easily pivot to adjust to the demands of both the economic and tecknomic markets – which are mutually linked.  This table will summarize what each layer will benefit from in BlockCerts as you move to your Tokenized model with BCERTin tools and blockchain technology.
Tokens Held Application Network Protocol
5,050 Desktop dashboard
3 User Roles
• Creator
• Signer
• Customer
Hosted secure Node on Azure or AWS – Dynamically assigned by Network
• Public Explorer
• Linkback standard
Standard protocols in BlockCerts Blockchain
• Single Wallet – private public key pair
• Standard INK Cost Calculator
15,151 4 User Roles
• Creator
• Signer
• Verifier
• Customer
Hosted secure Node on Azure or AWS – Dynamically assigned by Network
• Public Explorer
• Linkback standard
Protocols for 1 configured smart contract
• Multi-Wallet Private – Public Key Pair
• Standard INK Cost Calculator
Most Popular
• 3 Work Spaces
• 5 Child Instances
• 5 User Roles
Choice of Public Cloud Hosts
• Azure
• Google (coming soon)
Private Blockchain Explorer Link Back Choice
• Protocols for 3 configured smart contracts
• INK Cost Calculator adjustable
POS Node Host
• 7 Base User Roles
• Unlimited User Roles
• User Role Admin
• Unlimited Workspaces
• White Label Domain
• Unlimited Child Instances
• Project Pro
• BlockCerts Stake Holder Verification
• Child Nodes
• Public BlockCerts Network
• Private BlockCerts Network
• Process Flow Chains
Node set up on Cloud Host or On-Prem of choice
Private Blockchain
Private Explorer
POS Miner
• Protocols established for Node and unlimited Smart Contracts
• Rewards for validating transactions as a “Staker”
INK Cost Calculator customizable
Reward Calculator customizable

Get Started – Pricing Checkout

BC Coach - BIPED® Program

Design Certainty in Business in an Uncertain World:  How Business Leaders can BCERTin they are on track for the future.

When we all first used technology to build our businesses, it was like learning to walk.   Today, tech is far beyond walking – it is moves more like Hussan Bolt, at an almost unimaginable pace.   A decade ago, after leaving research work as a Professor, the founder of BlockCerts, Tim Vasko, wrote the first BIPED® book, as he was writing his patents.   The BIPED® goes back to long before that – when he went from start-up with his first technology based business in the mid 80’s in finance, to 1994, when he launched his first “internet” company the week Netscape gave away the first public browser, through going public, standing off with the giants of finance through a hostile takeover, to University Professor, to Inventor and Patent Holder.

BIPED® (Blockchain Intelligence Protocol Enterprise Design) is a model that evolved from live use cases, experience that built innovations, platforms, R&D and saw how hold-ups and operations can make technology succeed or find company, industry and people cultures that intentionally, or from fear, kill innovation for fear of uncertainty.

This happens in companies of any size.  BIPED® was based on hundreds of business builds across industries that drove millions of users, and billions in revenues.     From multi-national companies like Sotheby’s, Russel Investments, NEO Stock Exchange and Government projects and integrations like Alberta, British Columbia and US Medicare to micros businesses, where success went from just a couple of people to hundreds or thousands and has seen more than $3 billion dollars move to hundreds of thousands of patients, investors, technology developers, real estate and mortgage bankers, investment bankers and others.  

BIPED® is not size specific.  Any business leader, from start-up to a leader that needs to drive innovation, from Governments can walk their business through the challenges of fast moving, disruptive technology today.

BIPED® is a modular program, intended to be implemented.  It is NOT an informational program, leaving participants to go “learn more” or discover the technology.  It is based on live technology, that is driving the workshops, and drives business models. 

Add BC Coach to your program to accelerate your blockchain knowledge and outline your Use Case. Because the BC Coach program cost is purchasing tokens that you can use in your business, it’s really like getting the BC Coach program free because you’ll be able to use those tokens over and over again in your business.

See BC Coach Page >>