ABOUT BCERTin Pilot Wallet LIVE Version 2.0

What’s New!

Your Wallet is now upgraded to Version 2.0 for LIVE BCERTin Tokens

BCERTin wallet 2.0 A Few Things To Know About

BCERTin wallet 2.0 A Few Things To Know About
If you had wallets or a balance on your wallets, these have been hidden automatically.
These were Beta TestBCERTin Tokens! They were used so you could use BlockCerts tools and services on the BlockCerts Blockchain TestNet.


Why did we hide them in this version? Since these are TestNet wallets, for your security, when you receive your Live Tokens they will NOT work on TestNet. We had to ensure you did not deposit Live Tokens into a “Test” Wallet.

WHAT Happens Next With Live Version 2.0?

If you already have your VaultCERTin and IDCERTin completed, in the next few weeks you’ll be receiving deposits into your VaultCERTin of LIVE Tokens. You’ll receive instructions on how to transfer our live BCERTin Tokens into your new wallets. Where you transfer them will be up to you.

Version 2.0 has advanced security and recovery!

In this version, we can help you if you have a problem accessing your wallet. Our support team will be always standing by to ensure you’re securely covered.

WELCOME To BCERTin Pilot Live 2.0

Time to GET excited about all the new possibilities we’ve brought with BlockCerts Blockchain to the world. With Live, you’ll have the inside track on BCERTin Token-driven business models, Web 3.0, NFTs, and more!!

Watch our YouTube channels for launches.

Get on our Social channels to follow ideas and updates from our communities.

Start running your meetings and instant message collaborations and conversations with complete encrypted confidence and privacy!

It’s all ready and waiting for you to jump into Web 3.0 and see where it takes you!

Thank you for being part of our BETA - we’re grateful for all of your valuable input that we were able to build into.

BCERTin Pilot Wallet Version 2.0 LIVE! We couldn’t have done it without you!!

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