IDCERTin is the Key to Your
Business Transformation

Embedded authentication eliminates fraud and fakes, and minimizes
company risks in every transaction.
Based on Our Patented Secure Virtual Spaces

Blockchain Secure Identity
Verification & Authentication

Also used by others for:

Security and access
to information

Onboarding Team
members and

requirements in
finance and health

eSignature verification
– SignCERTin

Private messaging,

NFT authentication
& protection

IDCERTin Dashboard

Keep it confidential by building confidence and trust with
every customer and contact

How IDCERTin Works

To Protect your Clients and your Business

How IDCERTin Works How IDCERTin Works

Start with One Time Security & Privacy

  • Define Requirements of Organization
  • Determine I.D. Type to Verify
  • Age, Payment, or Other Verification
  • Automate Schedule for Real-time Updates
  • Authentication Audit Trail for Regulatory Compliance.
  • Zero Knowledge Proof
  • Remove all “human readable” forms of data through BlockCerts Blockchain cryptography
  • Unlocked only through user permissions and strict governance smart contracts

IDCERTin “Smart Identity”

Smart Identity Smart Identity

Your contacts are global

That's how digital business should be!

Every person is important to your business: staff, customers, contractors and
others. The solution to protect your business with the privacy and security of
identity for your most important relationships is here.

IDCERTin Mobile Dashboard

With IDCERTIN, you get the power of collaborative on-boarding and tracking that no other ID verification or onboarding solution provides.

  • A complete portal to manage every IDCERTin Certification
  • Chat or video meet with your users for support or further verification
  • Reporting of full certification according to your specifications
  • IDCERTin Mobile on iOS and Android for your users to onboard (customize your own mobile APPs for your business)
  • Private key security on the BCERTin Vault for every user
  • Desktop management for your certification users (customizable to any flow for your process)
  • Automatic notifications upon certification
  • Renewals, reminders, tracking
background image

All secured with 100% auditable proof of
verification on BlockCerts Blockchain

Unlike any other ID Verification, IDCERTin is extensible across your entire
organization, automated, scalable for the other critical functions in your business
(e.g. esigned documents, files share, confidential meetings and more)

The Authenticated Handshake™

Based on BlockCerts Blockchain patented Secure Virtual Space technology, IDCERTin is unlike any other identity solution. Identity is not a “one time” thing – it is an ongoing mandate to know that who you’re dealing with, who’s logging in, accessing information, paying, and messaging is who they say they are.

Eliminate Fraud – remove risks – encrypt and lock everything with BCERTin Private Keys that use smart tags to track, log and manage access, information and identity.

Your long-term relationships are critical to success. Take the next step by implementing IDCERTin for compliance and control of your most precious business assets – people.

IDCERTin: The Digital Dozen™ Advantages over limited KYC “one-off” solutions


The Digital Dozen™

Advantages over limited KYC “one-off” solutions

Verify over 5 billion people
and businesses in over 200 countries worldwide
KYC, AML, Age, Address,
Facial – ID Recognition
Add Onboarding Forms -
Set multiple levels of
Address verification
Business & officer
Stay compliant
Reduce fraud
Ensure trust and security
Onboard quickly
Ensure authenticated
Gain powerful insights

Integrates across the entire ecosystem of your business operations for complete 24/7/365 security of
your Digital Business Machine™