Digital Telehealth Solutions for Patients and Providers

In the past, fragmented EHR technology has blocked collaboration between, Patients, Doctors, Pharmacies and health care access. In the COVID-19 era, this is no longer an acceptable alternative, if it ever was. The HealthCERTin platform connects the dots for everyone.

HealthCERTin Telehealth Reimagined

Built on Blockcerts Blockchain to encrypt every interaction for privacy, security, safety and compliance

The First-Ever Solution to Connect Pharmacies, Doctors & Patients to Expand Medical Care and Secure Vacine Authenticity

HealthCERTin is a platform that connects the fragmented marketplace to provide a new solution that allows rapid integration to benefit everyone - with the BCERTin Vault inside to ensure privacy and authentic records

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HealthCERTin is a COVID-19 Health project to provide pharmacies, distribution, patients and providers access to care and confidence in the vaccines, medicines and privacy they require now and in the long term.

HealthCERTin is operated by BlockCerts Blockchain, the leading digital ledger company securing privacy, data and payments to comply with all mandated privacy laws and cannabis compliance. BlockCerts spent over 1.8M development hours creating the platform.

IDCERTin - authenticates Age and ID to insure everyone is compliant in the process.

Private Keys - insures that only you and your healthcare providers have access to your data.

BlockCerts Blockchain – Creates an encrypted secure solution and storage vault for protecting data.

BCERTin Vault Inside – HealthCERTin provides the encrpted verification and compliance mandated by compliance laws globally to allow for true treatment to person and deliver seamlessly for everyone who is treated.

Access To COVID-19 Authentic Based Medicines Is Complex
And Fragmented For Patients and Providers

  • Obtaining medical document is a common challenge
  • Obtaining adequate assistance on purchase, starting dose, dose escalation, and managing side effects is poorly managed under the current technologies
  • Patients face risks of information fraud, with vast array of sources, varieties of fake information, causing confusion
  • There is a lack of trusted sources of information and education
  • There is a disconnect in records for medical treatment and prescription history

Licensed Provider Road Blocks

  • Accurate information to individual patients is complex, with a lack of secure tools
  • Independent web-based booking and ecommerce creates a compliance & safety risk for providers and patients
  • Information and intelligence, tracking patterns, rapid direct-to-patient distribution will be challenging and expensive at scale

Consumers Need Guidance & Access

  • Consumers need guidance with COVID based medicine (CBM)
  • Consumers are confused with all of the options, what to take and how to integrate into their health

Pharmacists Are Accessible

  • Pharmacies and Dr’s need access to a system to provide the best solutions to clients and patients
  • Consumers look to know they have found a trusted knowledgeable professional to help manage COVID treatments. Licensed Professionals are often not equipped with reliable, tools to offer help

HealthCERTin Integrates and Consolidates All Parties

The Streamlined Platform Simplifies, Integrates, Verifies, Tracks, Connects & Educates for a Revolutionary Medical COVID-19 Solution

  • Consumers get questions answered and get guidance
  • Pharmacies and Professionals become a connected, valued part of the distribution chain of custody
  • A new distribution of telehealth that provides, analytics and new privacy and identy secuirty on an open blockchain ledger for authentic tracking and tracing

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