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MAIAi is here to lead you on a journey filled with Trust, Truth,
and Transparency Authenticated Web 4.0 - a safe, more secure,
digital experience.

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New HostingAI

Own Your Web in The Digital
UniverseThe Only Way To Prove,
Protect, Profit From Your Identity

With DomAInGPT, you can own your domain forever without
having to pay annual renewal fees. It provides a more secure and
resistant-to-censorship alternative to traditional DNS domains.


as an AI SuperAPP

DomAInGPT uses AI to create a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for registering and managing domain names. Its AI-driven domain names further enhance security and reliability.

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MAIAi Elevates your
performance 100X


Transform the way you work and break free from the constraints of conventional CRM and chat applications that come with recurring costs.

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INK Stable Coin

Never pay a license fee again. Earn more INK when you use and grow.

  • Rewards for growing
  • Rebates from the platform
  • Recurring revenues back into your wallet - instead of recurring costs from your pocket

Start earning from your Cloud, while your working - stop letting SaaS and big tech companies charge and keep all the profits!


NFT Redefined

"Never Forget Technology"

Transform your digital rights with NFTs - Safeguard, Monitor, Profit.


Proof of Authentication

Leveraging Ai NFT tech, enjoy authentic earnings and trade with confidence - no counterfeits or deception.

Redefining NFT!

Next Frontier Technology "NFT" by BlockCertsAI - the foundation
of ownership of ALL of your IP, Ideas, contracts, signed and sealed
AIt's NOT just about ART either.

Our latest BID Engine Auction lets you create anything - from ART
to a business crowdfund, trade crypto to cars auction to the
highest bidders, or; Buy Now!

Auction Exchange
with Ai Inside Coming March 2024

A groundbreaking decentralized exchange, akin to an auction marketplace infused with DeFi, streamlined by integrated AI to simplify the process. The trusted smart contract, independent marketplace for all participants.

Intelligent Search

Streamline and secure the process of online search and verification.

Global Verifier Of People, Business & Transactions
Building a Better Digital World

Stable Coin

Confidently access verified data, remove your risk of misinformation. Enhancing trust across all types of digital interactions.


Web 4.0

Get Privacy, Protection and
Secured Virtual Space

  • Go Beyond Private Browsing
  • Take Back Your Digital Life


How does MAIAi integrate and enhance existing business systems and team workflows?

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How does MAIAi save me costs of technology, while expanding my ability to own my own Platform as a Container (PaaC) and increase my profits?

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Can MAIAi be trained to meet the specific needs of my industry or company?

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What types of tasks and functions can MAIAi take leadership and scale up within my organization?

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How does MAIAi with Secure Virtual Space Technology ensure the security and privacy of my business data?

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What kind of support and training does BlockCertsAI provide for MAIAi implementation?

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How does MAIAi's continuous learning capability improve over time?

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How does BCERT and INK Tokenomics change my profits by using technology I own and control?

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What are some analogies, case studies, or examples of how MAIAi has transformed other businesses -making them profit more from digital platform control?

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What is the scalability potential of MAIAi for growing businesses?

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How does MAIAi contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of a team?

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What are the key differentiators of MAIAi compared to other AI solutions in the market?

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