What is a “Chain of Custody”

Chain Of Custody

In its most straightforward description, the term chain of custody refers to the process of maintaining and documenting the handling of evidence to take away any doubts about possible tampering.


In the case of a blockchain-based ecosystem, the chain of custody implies that the data provided can be proven to be uncorrupted following its input or upload by various authenticated parties.

The lifecycle of a traditional commodities deal

The buyer contacts a middleman who connects the buyer or the buyer contacts the seller directly.
When this connection is established, a multichannel firestorm starts so as to qualify the opportunity both from the buyer and seller standpoint.
The multichannel communication involves Phone Calls and Text, Audio, Pictures, Video, Video Conferencing, Documents/Digital Files and Payments on dedicated apps.
During the initial conversations between the parties involved an enormous amount of data is created with obvious specific timestamps but everything is happening on multiple apps, sometimes as many as 6 different apps or more; they are all part of the buyer’s and the seller’s efforts in “Authenticating Each Other”, ensuring that the product listed has a “Proof of Existence” and if the seller is able to PAY.
All these channels moving all these different sets of data becomes a huge headache in case of an unfortunate lawsuit due to non-performance or any other lawsuit-worthy event.
The greatest issue that arises from this situation, depending on what side you are on, as the litigator or the defendant, is when the parties delete the sections that make them look bad and the cases are built on incomplete data sets. Cases drag on for years due to the “Lack of Certainty”.

Your safeguard against fraudulent traders

BlockCerts has built a cluster of apps that are all controlled through an Authenticated Wallet ( BCERTin ) allowing independent and institutional traders of precious and non-precious metals (gold, silver, nickel, copper, scrap metal, etc) as well as agricultural (vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, fresh ginger, etc) and livestock (sheep, cattle, goats, chicken feet, etc) to authenticate sellers before engaging in a transaction.

Our BCERTin Wallet acts as a Control Center that accompanies you all over the world to help you remotely authenticate the various suppliers and 3rd parties that are part of a deal through our built-in Know Your Supplier Verifier, the origin of your products and if they exist, register all processes attached to the transaction, track all payments through your authenticated wallet and track the movement of the goods from the country of origin to its final port of delivery.

All the data related to a deal (Texts, Audio, Pictures, Videos, Video Conferencing, Documents /Digital Files and Payments) are stored in a single channel, all the data accumulated thereafter becomes crucial in cases of litigation due to non-performance or any other matter when in court.



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