• Enable your business with the ability to create an NFT for anything, create a chargeback free business,
  • Build a customer collaboration and network model that will take you into the way Web 4.0 is reshaping digital business

Super Powers

Web 4.0 Metaverse

Watch above video to see how it works!!

ShopCERTin - the ONLY DeCommerce platform built on BlockCerts Blockchain
Lets you drive digital business to an entire new level with Web 4.0 superpowers
  • BCERTin Digital Wallet is the only way to directly authenticate and create private shopping for your customers
  • NFT any product any time - catch the giant NFT wave of authenticated products and brands
  • Create powerful loyalty rewards programs and promotions with crypto AirDrops and Tokens
  • Provide privacy in transactions and Trusted collaboration customers will love

Embed an entire collaboration model with video meetings by adding WorkCERTin - MeetCERTin tools

Will you still be stuck in web 2.0 shopping carts that have been around since 1999 ?

Or, are you MetaVerse Ready - with Web 4.0 DeCommerce only available on ShopCERTin ?