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Efficiency and Accuracy
The SeedCERTin supply chain makes accountability a seamless breeze of reporting and business accuracy for your organization – no matter how large or small, no matter where you fit in the supply chain.
Migration and Integration
Whether you have existing systems or need to transform your business from shopping carts and spreadsheets to an enterprise-grade supply chain model, SeedCERTin is the seamless integration that allows you to do it fast.
Compliance and Compatibility
With all of the components, you need to mold your business, transform your transactions, simplify your reporting and provide trusted, immutable accuracy that is transparent for regulators. SeedCERTin can integrate with any platform or provide your business with out-of-the-box solutions

Supply chain tracking allows you to track everything from source to consumer. Not only does it keep you in control of your brand, but it also makes it easier for you to connect all the dots in your chain together.

Three Required Fundamentals in SeedCERTin
Authentication of Customers

Age and jurisdictional requirements, certainty, reportability, and transaction auditability.

Supply Chain

Seed to sale, “chain of custody”, is a complete smart contract supply chain, end-to-end flow based on the regulations, reporting, and auditability.


Internal tokenized payments, resolves the pain points in retail commerce to move from cash.

Now, map your system for each area of operations with SeedCERTin to grow your business.
As You Grow Your Business
SeedCERTin Blockchain Grows With You

Assurance you need, the flexibility you demand, and transformation as the agriculture industry and your business continue to grow and evolve – all on the only blockchain-based smart contract supply chain integration tool.

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    Simple dashboard point of entry designed for your business

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    Operate anywhere, from any device

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    Report to any regulatory agency

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    Handle any type of payment anywhere

Make hay while the sun shines!

Configure your solution to the challenges you face, move faster, streamline and get on the blockchain


Supply chain accuracy from seed to source