Finally an App to Transform and Secure Your Business.

A multi-solution tool from smart contracts to file sharing.

Run Your Business from the Palm of Your Hand

What if you could do everything from signing, sharing, storing, discussing, collaborating, delivering and paying or getting paid - with complete certainty and all in one place?

What if you had complete control over your private data and eliminated the monthly seat fees that hold you back?

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Remove the Pitfalls Crippling Businesses

The First Blockchain Business Application to Secure Encrypted Trust

Data breaches are up over 100x in the last five years. Anyone can hack your email and anyone can share your Dropbox and other eSignature links. How can you protect yourself against an incident like Docusign's data breach or Dropbox’s “Ransomeware”?

The solution is Decentralized Blockchain and BCERTin KYC.


10 Reasons

to Download BCERTin for Your Business

We’ve Eliminated the Need for Multiple
Siloed Apps – Saving You Thousands

Stop Renting, Stop Paying Seat Fees, and Save Thousands!

Those monthly fees add up. Spending $40 here and $30 there can cost up to $1,600 per employee. Ouch!

Now you can power a suite of integrated services and make your hard earned money work for you.

Start Saving Today

TrackCERTin - The First Smart
Contract Streaming authenticated document to payment work flow solution for Business

The future for Smart Agreements leaves paper, pdf’s and e-Sign in the rearview mirror.

We've created the first businesses automated guidance system. Contracts are now a dynamic ecosystem to collaborate on-line, text comments, track updates and versions, trigger \activities and automate payments with complete security.

Business now has a GPS to guide the way.

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IDCERTin - Private Keys and Blockchain
Encryption Protect Your Data

You have complete authority over who sees your data, putting control back into your hands, not someone else's.

Secure your business by eliminating the pitfalls crippling other businesses. Data fraud, hacked emails, and security breaches victimize more and more businesses today. You don't have to be one of them.

IDCERTin - Business Control
Starts with Authentication

KYC Know Your Contact - Authentication for Trusted Collaboration

  • Multi-Step Verification ensures trust with those within your Ecosystem
  • Increases Security in your business
  • Eliminates Risks and Verifies Who is a Part of Each Transaction

ShareCERTin Ensures that Every File Shared is Only Viewed By Those You Designate

Eliminate the “Dropbox Syndrome” so you can BECERTin every shared file or document is Secure.

No links to be shared, no emails to be hacked. You can rest assured that only the eyes that you want to see a document or file can access it. You’ll even know when they view it!

How Shared Link Syndrome Impacts Businesses

IMCERTin - Keeps Private
Messaging Private

  • With every important chat, keep an encrypted record on the blockchain.
  • Know who’s getting your messages and when they’ve been read.
  • Always have trusted conversations for your most important projects,
  • transactions and business conversations.
  • Link messages to contracts & documents to refer to later

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